Zaffe February 2012


Post: Zaffe

Date(s) of project: March 16-17, March 23-24, March 30-31

Brief description of Project:

We would like to paint world maps at 3 CEGs in the Collines. They are CEG Zaffe, CEG Lema, and CEG Kpakpa. The painting team consists of volunteers, their respective counterparts and 5 students at each establishment. We plan on painting the maps over a series of weekends. The World Map Project will enable students to have a better visualization of their place in the world . This is especially important during this time of globalization when understanding the interconnectedness of the world and the opportunities inherent in these connections are essential. In Benin, frequently students lack text books and children cannot appropriately appreciate just how large and diverse the world outside of their village is. We feel a 6 ft x 12 ft map at school will serve as a geography resource and as a constant reminder of the modern world. Additionally, the mural serves as a beautifying element for each school. Visual stimulations are lacking in many Beninese schools, so the addition of color and shape to a plain school wall can create a more welcoming educational atmosphere. Finally, the project gives 3 girl and 3 boy students the opportunity to explore creative expression through painting. The students will be chosen by having prospective students draw a rabbit on a 4 cm by 4 cm grid and recreating the rabbit on a 16 cm by 16 cm grid. The students with the best artistic capabilities will be chosen as the artists for the Map. The project will show the students the importance of organization skills as we work through the meticulous steps of the process which included marking grids and following color codes.
Furthermore the Map Project allows girls a leadership opportunity and creates a concrete example of what girls can contribute alongside boys at the school, especially considering that boys and girls will be working alongside each other to create the mural. Additionally, viewing the map will encourage discussion among students of the various gender relationships of other countries, such as their proximity to countries where gender relations have progressed or been restricted. Both male and female students will reflect upon the benefits and drawbacks of different gender power relationships in various countries, as encouraged by volunteers and counterparts.

Number of people involved:

# of
# of Service Providers (work partners, Project co-organizers,
technicians, animators, etc.)
Women over 24 2
Men over 24 1 3
Girls 15-24 9
Boys 15-24 9
Girls under 15
Boys under 15


Item Number Unit Cost Total Cost
White Paint 2 10,000 20000
Tint (Blue, Red, Yellow) 3 3500 10500
White Wash (Chaux Vive) 2 kilos 350 700
Paint Brushes (Medium) 5 200 1000
Paint brushes (small) 1 set 3500 3500
Roll paint brushes 2 2000 4000
Masking Tape 2 700 1400
Pencils 20 100 2000
Erasers 10 150 1500
Drinks 24 200 4800
Laminated Sheets 9 65 585
Total 49,985

Amount Requested: 49,985

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