Vroegindewey May 2008

Name: Ryan Vroegindewey
Post: Nikki
Date Submitted:
Contact Information: through Leslie Wright
Pick up Location: Parakou
Project Description: Project is generally aimed at stemming the number of unwanted pregnancies among eleve girls in the communes of Nikki, Kalale, and Perere. The sage femme de la localite plans to visit colleges in the commune. Through discussions, sharing of experiences, a multimedia presentation, a debate, and handouts, the project hopes to raise awareness among eleve girls about risky sexual behavior, and to promote women and healthy lifestyles.
Dates of Project: from May 2008
Number of People Involved: 1 sage femme de la zone sanitaire, local sage femmes, eleve girls in communes of nikki, Perere, and Kalale
Budget: GAD money would go to compliment other sources of funding. See attached proposed budget prepared by the coordinatrice of the project.
Total project cost: 345,350 CFA
Total amount requested from GAD: 50,000 CFA


GAD Coordinator Comments: This sounds like a great initiative, but I have some concerns. First, the budget that was submitted for the project is for 345,350 CFA. 200,000 CFA of the project is budgeted to pay the people involved. This is way too much, especially since everyone involved in the project is already paid by the Beninese government. Second, it does not say in the budget who is financing the rest of the costs in the project. Also, a lot of the write up is in French. This needs to be translated into English. I recommend asking Ryan to address these concerns and translate the whole project into English and when this is done, resubmit.

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