Vroegindewey January 2009

Name: Ryan Vroegindewey
Post: Nikki
Date Submitted: January 13, 2009
Contact Information: 97137345 (text message preferred)
Pick up Location: Parakou
Project Description: I would like to build a storage shed for a gardening cooperative in Nikki. A previous Volunteer raised money for a well and water pump so that the cooperative could operate a garden during the dry season. The pump is still there and operational, the cooperative is still active, and at least ½ a hectare is prepared for planting, but the problem is that the field and well are about 5 kilometres outside of town. The group can’t possibly lug the pump (even by scooter) every day to water the garden, nor can they simply leave it overnight in the fields. To solve this problem, the cooperative members have proposed the construction of a small building which will house the pump and other tools and equipment, and accommodate whoever it is that works the fields or needs to spend the night there.
Dates of Project: January—February
Number of People Involved: 1 builder (male), 1 Volunteer (male), 30 members of gardening cooperative (half women, half men; secretary and treasurer positions are occupied by women).

Item Number Cost
Labor (construction of building) 1 15,000 CFA
Construction of door and windows 1 door, 2 windows 10,000 CFA
Corrugated Metal 1 packet 25,000 CFA
Corrugated Metal 1 packet 25,000 CFA (to be paid by cooperative)
Boit Enough for Roof 0
Total 75,000 CFA

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: I don’t fully understand the budget. Perhaps this is because I have always lived in cities? I suspect that “boit” is supposed to be “bois” thatch going on top of the corrugated metal roof, and that the building itself will be made of mud brick or something else that is free. It would be nice to have this clearly explained, though, because without making these assumptions the building plan does not make much sense; it looks like they are building a structure with no walls. If Ryan can sufficiently clarify the budget, I recommend funding.

GAD Finance: I dont understand the budget either, so if he clarifies your questions regarding that, I would definetly recommend funding. Great project!! What doesn't Ryan do?

GAD Specialist: I agree with both of you.

GAD Coordinator Update: I spoke with Ryan; he stated that it is going to be a mud building shed that will also provide a place for whoever is working in the field to sleep overnight if necessary. Approved funding.

Closing Report

What were the goals/objectives of this project? To construct a building for a local gardening groupement, which will function as a shed, workshop, and for storage.

Were those goals/objectives met? The objective is 75% completed; all project funds have been spent on construction, which should be completed in 1 to 2 weeks.

What were the strengths of this project?
1. Community participation (labor, wood for the roof, fundraising for the steel roof)
2. Employed local labor
3. Building will serve multiple functions

What were the challenges/weaknesses of this project? Slowness of contributions to be made.

Do you consider this project completed? Yes—Project funds used, building almost finished, what remains is the groupement’s contribution.


Item Number Cost
Labor to build terre rouge building 1 building 15,000 CFA
Corrugated steel 1/2 packet 24,000 CFA
Construction of door and windows 1 door, 2 windows 11,000 CFA
Total 50,000 CFA
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