Vroegindewey April 2009

Name: Ryan Vroegindewey
Post: Nikki
Contact: 97 13 73 45
Pickup Location: Parakou
Brief Project Description: Village Garden. Goal of project is to provide the basic materials and technical skills to one groupement in a Gondo village a couple km outside Mériguinta (in the commune of Kalélé), so that the villagers can cultivate gardens during the Harmattan as well as the rainy season. The products of this garden will provide village families with nutritious foods during the dry season, in addition to optional additional household revenue if the women choose to sell some of the yields in the local market. Village was chosen for it’s relative isolation, and because it’s the home of a student attending school in Nikki, who will help with the translating into local language, and the implementation and follow-up of project. A local NGO will also help with the translation and implementation.

Dates of Project: Following is the proposed timeline of components for this project:

April: Preparation of Grounds. Volunteer and work partner will help village choose site for garden and will begin with them a compost heap. Village will then clear and parcel out the garden grounds, building an enclosure if necessary to keep animals out.

May: Planting. Volunteer and work partner will bring seeds and watering cans and will help garden group in establishing their garden/nursery.

June: Follow-up. Volunteer and work partner return for the last time to ensure nursery plants have been properly transplanted, and that all other gardening principles properly applied. Garden nutrition and marketing are discussed, and gardeners will be assisted in deciding how their crops are to be sold or consumed.

Number of People Involved: At least 10 women from women’s group; 2 male work partners

Item Number Unit Price Total Cost
Carrots 3 500 CFA / packet 1.500 CFA
Lettuce 10 700 CFA / packet 7.000 CFA
Tomatoes 4 700 CFA / packet 2.800 CFA
Cabbage 2 700 CFA / packet 1.400 CFA
Onion 4 700 CFA / packet 2.800 CFA
Other Equipment
Watering Cans 2 3.500 CFA 7.000 CFA
Cord to mark each bed 1 bundle 2.500 CFA / bundle 2.500 CFA
Roundtrip on moto or taxi for Volunteer/work partner from Nikki-Village (just over 40 km) 3 round trips 4.000 CFA per trip 12.000 CFA
Total 37.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 37,000 CFA

Closing Report

Brief Project Description: Project purchased garden supplies, mobilized village groupement to clear land and build a fence, trained groupement in gardening methods, and assisted them in the installation of their garden (preparing beds and seedlings).

Number of People Involved: 16 women and kids in groupement (15 to 50 years, mostly women)

What were the goals/objectives of this project?
1. Equip groupement members with materials
2. Technical training in gardening
3. Installation of garden

Were those goals/objectives met? Yes

What were the strengths of this project?
1. Cheap
2. Broad and sustainable benefits

Do you consider this project completed? Yes


Item Number Cost
Watering cans 2 7,000 CFA
Seeds 18 packets 17,000 CFA
Travel (gas/taxi) 5,300 CFA
Cord 400 m 1,400 CFA
Travel (taxi) 4,500 CFA
Total 35,200

Note: 1,800 CFA excess deposited with the Parakou PCVL.

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