Vroegendewey June 2009

Name: Ryan Vroegendewey
Post: Nikki

Brief Project Description:

GAD Project will help fund the costs of a soy milk transformation formation for a newly formed women’s group. This women’s group is a subsidiary group to a larger agricultural cooperative with whom I've been working on business planning. This soy groupement is part of that business plan. They hope to eventually produce soy milk and sell in the local markets for income generation. The 50,000 CFA covers the trainers fees – it’s not an itemized calculation, but is quoted from the trainer as part of the total trainers fees figure. The groupement will be providing the production materials: soy, filters, sugar, salt, vanilla flavoring, bassines.

Dates of Project:
Number of People Involved: 1 male PCV, 1 female trainer, 8 women (groupement members)
Budget: The 50,000 CFA is covering the trainer’s fees. The groupement is contributing other funds and materials necessary for the training event.

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: This project was initially submitted during the June 2009 application cycle, but was submitted on paper and got lost in my mailbox. I did not know the project was there until Ryan emailed me to follow up after other projects for the month had already been approved. This seems like a great project, although the project description is a little thin. Initially the project description consisted only of the first line of the paragraph above, but when asked for clarification, Ryan provided the additional information in the description. Recommend funding.
GAD Finance: If he can provide more information, recommend funding.
GAD Specialist: While the project is great, I agree with you that it lacks details. Is there a way he can expand on it? If he does, then I too recommend funding.

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