Vanleuven 1 July 2009

Name: Sheena VanLeuven
Post: Klouekanmé

Brief Project Description:

I painted a world map at CEG Houedogli, assisted by 3 students. We included the names of all the countries on the map.

Dates of Project: May 21-24
Number of People Involved: 4 formally, many extra helpers

Item Number Cost
White paint ¼ bucket 12.000 CFA
Red tint ½ bottle 1.700 CFA
Blue ½ bottle 1.250 CFA
Yellow ½ bottle 1.700 CFA
Black ½ bottle 1.250 CFA
Total Cost 17.900 CFA

Amount Requested: 17.900 CFA


GAD Coordinator: I would like more information on the gender and ages of the student helpers as well as how many students and teachers at the CEG will benefit from the mural (i.e. number of students at the school). If she provides this information, recommend funding.
GAD Finance: Ditto. Also, what kind of support did she get from the school administration or staff? Did her homologue or other teachers participate in the project? Recommend funding granted that more details are provided.
GAD Specialist: Agree with both of you.

GAD Coordinator Update: There were 3 formal helpers: 1 girl in troisieme and 2 boys in premier. The informal helpers were 3 girls 7 boys. The total population of school is 700 students. Other support: school director and censeur helped choose the student helpers.

Also, technically you’re not supposed to submit more than one proposal a month, but as she is COSing on Saturday I think we can make an exception this time.

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