Vakon March 2012


Post: Vakon

Date(s) of project: April 16- July 16, 2012

Brief description of Project:

The Regional Center for Agricultural Production (CeRPA) works with 24 groups that are currently engaged in the production of legumes. 18 of the 24 gardening groups are women groups. To encourage the production of tomatoes and a wider diversity of vegetables throughout the commune of Akpro/Misserete, the CeRPA agents are starting a small demonstration garden (20mx20m) at the regional office. The CeRPA agents agree that tomatoes are one crop that would grow well in the area, yet the groups are reluctant to try tomatoes since they are unsure of results. There are also a plethora of different varieties available for purchase in Cotonou at the seed boutique “Benin Semance” and new seeds from East/West seeds for sale at Songhai. In order to encourage groups to grow tomatoes and to determine which varieties actually grow the best in the Akpro/Misserete commune, demonstrations plots will be planted with compost and the results recorded to determine the best varieties. CeRPA agents have chosen 2 varieties from the “Benin Semance” which are considered as the best seeds and 2 new varieties from the East/West seed company they have not previously been tested. There is a pump located next to the demonstration site and a schedule will be created to ensure that the tomatoes are adequately watered. Different varieties of carrots, cabbage, and okra will also be grown to determine which varieties have the highest yields. At the end of the season, the presidents of all 24 groups will be invited to visit the demonstration area to see the plots and receive more information on growing tomatoes and the beneficial use of compost. CeRPA will cover the cost of transportation and providing a lunch to the 24 attendees. To help gardening groups obtain seeds in future production, the profits from the demonstration garden will be used to purchase seeds which will then be sold in smaller quantities to interested gardening groups .

Number of people involved:

# of
# of Service Providers (work partners, Project co-organizers,
technicians, animators, etc.)
Women over 24 18 3
Men over 24 6 2
Girls 15-24
Boys 15-24
Girls under 15
Boys under 15


Item Number Unit Cost Total Cost
Tomato seeds (Mongal) 1 packet 2800 2800
Tomato seeds (Inlay) 5 grams 697.4 3487
Tomato seeds (Roma) 5 grams 1800 1800
Tomato seeds (Maquis) 5 grams 697.4 3487
Okra (Lima) 1 1800 1800
Okra (Basanti) 1 750 750
Carrot seeds (All Season Cross) 1 1450 1450
Carrot seeds ( Sahel Super Cross) 1 1625 1625
Cabbage seeds ( KK cross) 1 1400 1400
Cabbage seeds ( Minilito) 1 1750 1750
Watering Can 1 3500 3500
Selling Stand 1 25000 25000
Total 48849

Amount Requested: 48849

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