Trautman October 2009

Name: Liz Trautman
Post: Cotonou

Brief Project Description:

I would like to use GSP funds to purchase copies of Leve Toi Jeune Fille, a magazine produced by GAD Togo for Togolese pre-teen and teenage girls. Girls in Togo write all the articles and the magazine covers a range of topics, from health to relationships to career advice. GAD Togo sells the magazine for 100cfa each. By distributing through Benin PCVs, GAD Togo can increase their profits. Beninese volunteers, meanwhile, can use the magazine for a variety of activities with girls in their communities (girls clubs and camps, for example). They can also encourage girls in their communities to write for the magazine. Thus, this partnership with GAD Togo is a win-win: they are supported financially, and volunteers have access to a new and useful French language resource.
I propose purchasing one trial copy for each PCV. PCVs who are interested in purchasing further copies of this or future issues could do so through Nathaniel Janick, the Publications person handling the work with Leve Toi. He would coordinate volunteer orders so that we sent one order to GAD Togo each quarter. They could send copies to Cotonou and they would be distributed through PCV mailboxes. In the future, PCVs would purchase copies for resale, much like Amour and Vie (though PCVs would not make a profit – they would resell at cost).

Dates of Project:
Number of People Involved: About 90 PCVs; indirectly their communities as well.

Item Number Unit Price Cost
Leve Toi Jeune Fille 100 100 CFA 10.000 CFA*
Total Cost 10.000 CFA

*We will purchase a few additional copies so that we can make copies available in the workstations and the IRC.

Amount Requested: 10.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: What a great proposal! Just kidding. Let me know your thoughts.
GAD Finance: Haha. I AGREE! I look forward to reading Leve-Toi Jeune Fille and using it in my girls club! Recommend funding.
GAD Specialist: I would not have expected anything less than a great proposal. Recommend funding not because it’s Liz but because it’s a very good project.

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