Trautman May 2009

Name: Elizabeth Trautman
Post: Grand Popo
Contact: By phone (95 20 84 39) or email (moc.oohay|tuartzil#moc.oohay|tuartzil)
Pick-up Location: Cotonou

Brief Project Description:

The Reading Club of Grand Popo (Club de Lecture de Grand Popo) is a group of 10 students, mostly in their final year of high school pursuing the Literary Series of the Baccalaureate Exam, and a few teachers. The club was founded in November 2008 by the PCV in Grand Popo and a community member. The student members of the club have decided to hold an event to raise awareness about the existence of the club (and thus attract membership), while at the same time commemorating the festival of Nonvitcha (an important cultural event in Grand Popo), and encouraging their peers to read and enjoy reading.

We are organizing an afternoon of word games and trivia to coincide with Nonvitcha. Four games will go on simultaneously: a trivia game, Boggle, an alphabet game (finding French words in several categories starting with the given letter), and a wildcard game (where participants will be asked to answer trivia questions; do calculations; etc). Club members chose the games and elaborated the rules. The games will take place at the festival grounds – we have already obtained permission from the organizers. One student and the PCV will sell tickets (200 F) to people interested in participating. Groups of up to 3 people are permitted to compete together. Ticket holders will present themselves at one of the respective games and play. Two club members (one male and one female student – though there will be one group which is all male) will conduct the game and enforce the rules. They will be easily identifiable through matching club T-shirts. The first prize winners will receive a book (Une Si Longue Lettre by Mariama Ba) and a pocket dictionary. Second prize winners will receive a packet of notebooks. All participants will receive a pen for participating.

To publicize the event, club members are spreading information at their school by word of mouth. We are also working with the director of the Center for Youth, Sport, and Leisure (Centre de Jeunesse, Sport, et Loisirs) to encourage participation. Finally, we have requested to be on the official program of Nonvitcha.

The club recently participated in a writing contest, in which it placed 5th. The members are using their winnings (15.000 cfa and several school supplies) towards this event. Through ticket sales, we hope to recoup these funds.

Date of Project: May 30, 2009 at 4 p.m.
Number of People Involved:
Organizers: 1 female PCV and 9 students (3 girls and 6 boys). The organizers are responsible for writing the rules of each game, explaining them to participants, enforcing order and adherence to the rules, and tallying points to determine the winner.

Participants: Up to 80 young people (gender unknown).

Spectators: Up to 1000 people (gender unknown). Nonvitcha is a big festival and there will be a lot of people in the festival grounds throughout the day. We hope to attract the notice of potential club members.
Items in Stock:
1 new copy of Une Si Longue Lettre (donated by PCV)
4 markers (donated by PCV)
3 packets of notebooks (donated by club)
1 package of pens and pencils (donated by club)
15,000 CFA (in club funds to cover cost of T-shirts in excess of GSP funding regulations)

Item Number Unit Price Cost
Book in French (1st prize) 3 3.000 CFA 9.000 CFA
Dictionary (1st prize) 4 3.000 CFA 12.000 CFA
Notebooks (packets of 10) – 2nd prize 1 1.300 CFA 1.300 CFA
Pens (box of 50) – for all participants 2 1.500 CFA 3.000 CFA
T-Shirts – for organizers 10 1.800 CFA 18.000 CFA
Total Cost 43.300 CFA

Amount Requested: 28.300 CFA (total budget of 43.300 CFA, less 15.000 CFA from club funds)


GAD Coordinator: GSP can only fund projects up to 1,000 CFA per tshirt. Outside of that, I think it looks great. Recommend funding.
GAD Finance: Are there any adults (homologue, counterpart) involved in the organization of this event, outside of the PCV? How is this club sustainable? Also, just out of curiosity, how is this activity being tied into the cultural celbration? Assuming Liz can answer the first two questions, I recommend funding.
GAD Specialist: I agree with both of you. Additionally, it might be good to have the students make non-expensive, small paper ads that they can distribute even before that day as publicity.

GAD Coordinator Update: Liz responded by email to concerns/questions: Re: T-shirt funding, the amount requested counts the t-shirts at 1000 francs - the group is using its own funds to cover the difference (the way I presented it is, in retrospect, confusing).
Re: Tie-in to cultural event - the trivia game will include Nonvitcha-related trivia (e.g. year of founding, name of founder, number of visitors, etc). I will talk with the members to see how we can tie the other games in more closely to Nonvitcha.
Re: Sustainability - one of the goals of this event is to attract new membership, since in theory a large part of the group will be leaving (assuming they pass the bac). There is not currently another community member helping to plan the event, but that is a great idea - there is a teacher who was involved in the club in the past who I will approach about mentoring the club in the future, starting with this event.

Funding approved.

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