Tonri December 2009


Post: Tonri
Dates of Project: Continuous, beginning in January during dry season and height of planting season.

Brief Project Description:

Using financing from GSP, we will purchase a variety of seeds for the women’s gardening group located in the village of Tonri. The goals of this project are two-fold, first to increase the nutritional content of the diets of villagers by increasing the diversity of vegetables that are grown in the garden. Secondly, to increase the personal bank of the group, by selling the GSP funded seeds directly to the group, so that the money they expend goes directly into the group’s savings account and they are not out the money they expend this season. Growing the group’s savings is important to insure their ability to become more self-sufficient, including the ability to purchase small material needs and seeds for the following growing season. Currently, it is difficult for the group to come up with the financing each year to purchase seeds for the growing season. Typically, they have relied on outside funding and discounts to acquire the necessary seeds. We hope to work to make this group stronger and more autonomous. The correct organization of the group’s savings will contribute to reaching this goal. By having the group members buy the GSP funded seeds we will be able to kick-start adequate savings so that their bank can continue to grow, making them more self-sufficient. There is definite demand for more product diversity at the commune-head market, therefore if these women begin to grow the more diverse vegetables that are in demand, they will be able to further increase their savings.

Number of People Involved: Approximately 20-40 women and an inestimable number of villagers.

Item Cost
Green bean seeds 7.000 CFA
Tomato seeds 7.000 CFA
Carrot seeds 7.000 CFA
Green pepper seeds 7.000 CFA
Lettuce 7.000 CFA
Cabbage 7.000 CFA
Cucumber 7.000 CFA
Total Cost 49.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA

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