Tichy September 2008

Name: Jaren Tichy
Post: Tchaourou
Date Submitted: September 15, 2008
Contact Info: 95 37 23 56
Pickup Location: Parakou
Project Description: To produce a film that addresses the consequences of youth alcohol consumption and smoking. Local high school students, both male and female, will perform sketches illustrating the harmful effects of alcohol abuse, specifically with the local fermented brew and distilled palm wine, and tobacco use. A local high school teacher will edit the student’s scripts and direct their performances. These sketches will be videotaped along with local authorities (police, doctors) providing statements concerning alcohol and cigarettes.

Part of the video will be filmed in a neighboring village to provide a realistic background. Transportation to/from the site and food will be provided.

Once the video is complete, a viewing party will take place to say thank you to all the actors for their hard work.

This video will be shown to local high school students as part of an awareness campaign about the consequences of alcoholism and tobacco use.

Dates of Project: End of September

Item Number Cost
Copies of the Script 15 (15 CFA/page) 2.750
Cameraman 1 20.000
Creating disks (includes editing) 6 (1.000 CFA/DVD) 6.000
Transportation to Village (Includes Chauffeur’s Gas and Time) 1 10.000
Food (While Filming) 15 (500 CFA/person) 7.500
Drinks (during viewing party) 15 (250 CFA/person) 3.750
Total 52.000

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator Comments: Recommend Funding.

GAD Specialist Comments: This is a great project and innovative too. More PCVs should be encouraged to do more of this type of project.

Financial chair: I agree with Maria that this is a really excellent project and very creative. I think this is a strong project idea for teachers, or those involved with youth to use for preventive health purposes. Recommend Funding.

Closing Report

Note: This project was never completed because Jaren’s school outlawed student groups and so she no longer had a club to work with. Jaren returned the 50,000 CFA to the Parakou cashbox.

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