Tichy December 2008

Name: Jaren Tichy
Post: Tchaourou
Contact: 95372356
Pickup Location: Parakou
Project Description: World AIDS Day activity where the local orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) and SCOUTS of Tchaourou educated the community about HIV/AIDS. The OCVs and SCOUTS walked in a parade while carrying placards with HIV/AIDS messages from the local Social Services Center (CPS) to the market. At the market, the youth divided into 8 groups and went to different areas where they placed a red ribbon on each market staff. The red ribbon was used as a conversation starter to talk about HIV/AIDS and to show solidarity and create awareness. Collectively, the youth educated over 1,500 community member about HIV/AIDS.
Dates of Project: December 1, 2008
Number of People Involved: Orphans and SCOUTS: 33; Total educated: 1,500

Item Number Cost
Red Tissue 41 meters 12,300 CFA (300 CFA/meter)
Wire 250 meters 3,500 CFA
Tailor's Work to make ribbon seams 268 ribbons 2,680 CFA (10 CFA/ribbon)

Amount Requested: 18,280 CFA


GAD Coordinator Comments: Jaren provided receipts. As much as I hate reading proposals that begin with fragments and incomplete sentences, I think that this sounds like a solid project. However, I would like a more specific breakdown of the people involved in planning this activity by gender and occupation. Recommend funding, assuming Jaren can provide this information.

GAD Specialist Comments: Great project and not very expensive. I wish there was a way this could be made bigger, thereby benefiting from the AIDS money.

GAD Finance Comments: I agree with you Erin. I think we need to clarify to people to take seriously the applications, and therefore write applications clearer and with more professionalism. I also agree that there is more information needed on the people involved, gender, how people were affected, etc. All the things we have asked people to give more details on. Other than that it is well organized. If she can provide a clearer description on people, I say fund it.

Update from GAD Coordinator: Jaren provided additional detail clarifying the participant breakdown (see below). Project funded.

33 Orphans and SCOUTS. All but 5 teenage boys (SCOUTS) were Orphans. The breakdown is as follows:

Girls (under 15): 4
Boys (under 15): 3
Teenage Girls (over 15): 10
Teenage Boys (over 15): 16

Of the 1,520 educated:
Women: 469
Men: 412
Kids (under 15): 127
Teenage girls: 322
Teenage boys: 190

Of the total women, most were "vendeuses" of some sort (85 %) with the rest buying products (15%). Of total men, most were "vendeurs" (maybe 20%) and the rest were clients at the tchuck stalls (80%). Of the teenage girls, some were "vendeuse" (45%), some buying (35%), some hanging out/perusing the excellent market selection (20%) with friends. Of the teenage boys, most were tchuck stall clients (85%) with the rest hanging out at other market stalls (15%) or flirting with the girls. Of the kids, most of the younger ones were present with their mothers who were buying or selling (55%), the rest were selling mainly frozen treats (glace, susets) (45%)

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