Tchatchou March 2012


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Date(s) of project: 26/3/12 (beginning the construction of hand washing stations); 30/04/12 (Installation of hand washing stations and beginning of sensitization campaign)

Brief description of Project:

The project aims to better hygiene practices at CEG Tchatchou, the only secondary school in the arrondissement of Tchatchou. The school currently comprises five grade levels (6e to 1ere) and will grow to seven grade levels next year. The relatively large student body (1920 students) shares 8 latrines and eats at the school cafeteria during meal times without an adequate place to wash their hands at either occasion. Tchatchou is located in the Borgou region where authorities detected several cases of cholera last year, alerting many, including CEG Tchatchou’s administration to the need for better hygienic practices. To ameliorate this situation, this project will build four hand washing stations made out of thirty-liter plastic buckets with metal faucets attached, held up by metal stands that will also have soap holders to promote the use of soap during hand washing. The school administration has worked with the volunteer of the community to coordinate the building of hand washing stations with local artisans, including a local welder (to fabricate the metal support stands) and a plumber from Parakou (to mount the faucets into the plastic buckets).
The hand washing stations will be supervised and maintained by the school disciplinarian (Surveillant), who will delegate to specific students the filling of the stations with water in the morning and as needed throughout the day. At the end of each day, the said students will carry the hand washing stations into the teacher’s lounge to be secured every night to guard against theft. Three hand washing stations will remain next to the school cafeteria for hand washing before eating. One hand washing station will be placed next to the school latrines for hand washing after latrine use. These new materials at students’ disposal will be coupled with a large sensitization campaign that will stress the importance of hand washing to avoid illness. The Amour et Vie team of Tchatchou will be presenting a skit and a sensitization session in front of the majority of the student body at a Monday morning flag ceremony. The team is made up of one male upperclassman and one female upperclassman that serve as role models for the community to show that men and women can work together and promote gender development. Many teachers (22 male teachers and four female teachers) are also on board to start integrating hygiene topics into their classes. There is also the potential of later painting a hand washing mural on one of the school buildings. The school administration, the principal, vice principal, accountant, and disciplinarian have agreed to use funds from the school budget to pay the 1,000 CFA that will not be covered in the 50,000 CFA GAD grant.

Number of people involved:

# of
# of Service Providers (work partners, Project co-organizers,
technicians, animators, etc.)
Women over 24 4
Men over 24 28
Girls 15-24 242 1
Boys 15-24 814 1
Girls under 15 304
Boys under 15 558


Item Number Unit Cost Total Cost
Taps 4 4000 16000
Plastic Buckets 4 1750 7000
Welder (labor/material) 4 6000 24000
Plumber (labor) 4 1000 4000
Total 51.000

Amount Requested: 50.000

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