Tchaourou April 2008


Post: Tchaourou

Project Description:

To create a CD of songs in my community’s local languages (Nagot, Bariba) that sing about child trafficking. This CD will be played in local markets within the commune to cultivate awareness about children’s rights, in order to promote the prevention of child trafficking. To create this CD, the 2 local language singing groups will travel to a recording studio in Parakou where their music will be recorded onto a disk that will later be copied. After the group’s hard work, food and drinks will be provided. The copied CDs will be disseminated to other volunteers and/or partners in the area where these 2 languages are spoken with the intention that these songs will be played publicly (at markets, on radios, in stores, etc) thus increasing awareness on a broad scale.

This project will be monitored and evaluate initially taking a survey of people’s understanding on the issue in the market before the songs are played. After they are played, a follow up survey will be asked to see if the message was clear and well received.

Dates of Project: March 20, 2008

Number of People Involved: 14 (2 PCVs, 2 recording studio technicians, 8 singers, 2 drummers)


Item Number Cost
Transportation (taxi) 11 (to Parakou) 11.000
Transportation (taxi) 10 (from Parakou — PCV will stay to write report) 10.000
Transportation (zemi) 11 (from gare to studio) 1.650
Transportation (zemi) 1 (from studio to restaurant to pick up food and back) 300
Studio Time 1 15.000
Beverages 12 3.000
Sandwiches 13 3.250
CDs 1 stack 5.000
Total 49.200

Amount Requested: 49.200

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