Tamny May 2008

Name: Nickie Tamny
Post: Materi
Date Submitted:
Contact Information:
Pick up Location: Cotonou
Project Description: Brought Materi girls soccer team to Tanguieta for international women's day. We made a banner and had all the girls in the CEG sign it and write what they want to do after school.
Dates of Project: Saturday, March 8, 2008
Number of People Involved: 15 girls, 1,000 spectators and 1 camera man

Item Number Cost
Banner Tissue 2 meters 800
Round-trip Mini-bus Transport (Materi-Tanguieta) 1 20.000
Total 20.800

Amount Requested: 20.800


GAD Coordinator Comments: While this sounds like an interesting event, I have several concerns with this proposal for reimbursement. First, the project description is not detailed (she brought a soccer team to Tanguieta, but mentions nothing about playing soccer) and the budget is half in French. Second, there are two volunteers asking for reimbursements from this same event. Nickie is asking for money for transport and fabric while Jin from Tanguieta is asking for money for food and drinks. GSP guidelines clearly state that you cannot submit two proposals for funding for the same project. Therefore, I do not believe we can fund this at this time. I will however, inform Nickie and Jin as to why they have no been funded and maybe they can figure something out and resubmit when they are more organized.

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