Stam August 2009

Name: Monica Stam
Post: Tobre

Brief Project Description:

Camp GLOW was a five day camp for girls ages 13-18 from surrounding villages around the commune of Pehunco. Sessions were held on topics such as HIV/AIDS prevention, nutrition, Moringa, study skills, stress relief and environmental issues facing the community.

Dates of Project: 15/06/2009 to 19/06/2009
Number of People Involved: 32
Budget: 201.600 CFA

Item Number Cost
T-shirts 32 48.000 CFA
Total Cost 48.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 25.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: Camp GLOW is a great project and we like to support it, but I feel that she didn’t include a lot of information about the camp nor how the T-shirts fit into the week. Also, who are the 32 people – PCVs, girls, women? With more information I would recommend funding.
GAD Finance: I am curious to know why the cost of T-shirts was omitted in the original Camp GLOW budget. Additionally, I thought that GAD only pays up to 1000F CFA per T-shirt. Recommend funding provided Monica gives more information.
GAD Specialist: I agree. We need more information

GAD Coordinator UPDATE: Monica sent more info by email:

“Otherwise, of the thirty two t-shirts that were handed out at Camp GLOW, 19 were given to the girl campers ages 13-18, 8 of the shirts were given to women in the community helping with the project and three to volunteers. Shirts were handed out the first day of camp and were worn everyday for the duration of the camp. T-shirts were used to give the girls a sense of unity with fellow campers and showed solidarity and pride in the camp. Of the older HCN women in the community most attended at least two full days of the camp showing their support for youth development in Pehunco. They put a lot of effort and work into the camp and were given t-shirts in lieu of payment to show appreciation.”

Based on this info, approved funding and left check in her mailbox.

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