St Onge March 2008

Name: Rachelle St. Onge
Post: Alafia
Date Submitted:
Contact Information:
Pick up Location: Parakou
Project Description: Cooking sessions will be held for mothers of children ages 0-12 months each Wednesday for a month. During the sessions, the mothers will learn how to prepare enriched bouille and sauces rich in protein for their children in the weaning process. Afterwards the mothers will be able to use the learned techniques at home when preparing meals. Discussions of the three food groups and their importance will also be emphasized during the sessions.
Dates of Project: March 12, 14, 26 and April 2
Number of People Involved: 20 different women each week. 80 in total

Item Number Cost
Pot No. 10 1 10.000
Large Spoon 1 2.000
Small Bowls 24 12.000
Small Spoons 24 2.600
Container for Water 2 2.000
Corn Flour 1 Basin 3.000
Sugar 10 kg 4.500
Sorghum 1 Basin 2.500
Millet 1 Basin 2.500
Salt 1/2 kg 500
Fish 1 Basin 2.500
Peanuts 1 Basin 2.500
Beans 1 Basin 3.000
Total 49.600

Amount Requested: 49.600 CFA


GAD Coordinator Comments: This sounds like a great project. Recommend funding.

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