Sori February 2012


Post: Sori

Date(s) of project: end of March 2012

Brief description of Project:

I would like to paint a world map mural at my school, CEG SORI. My school already chose a location, where it is mostly shady and will hopefully last longer due to this. I would complete the project with the help of several teachers and students so that the community can be involved in the process and also so others can learn how to draw and paint a mural. In terms of selecting the teachers, three English teachers and one Physics teacher already expressed interest in helping with the world map. In terms of the students, I am going to hold an interest meeting at the school and have the students sign up for shifts to help with the different stages of the mural. Additionally, I will be announcing this project at the next APE meeting to see if any APE board members or any parents would like to participate. For the shifts, I will make sure that boys and girls are scheduled to work together and that no one will be assigned a “gender-specific” role.
In order to give this project a more gender-related theme, my Scholarship Girl, Baké, suggested that we add a message above the map, such as “No matter where you live, what you believe, or your gender, you should have the right to attend school. All boys and girls at school!”
Additionally, a volunteer several years ago started a world map project at CEG GOGOUNOU, but then early terminated his service before completing the map. So, I would like to finish painting their world map and add a coat of varnish. It is almost finished, however about 1/5 of the countries where left unpainted and no countries were labeled. A English teacher from Gogounou approached me in the first place to see if we could complete the map together. He would organize it so that we have at least 2 boys and 2 girls assisting us in the process.
Once both maps are completed, we are going to have a small ceremony at both of the schools, educating the students about the maps and how they can apply them to their education.

Number of people involved:

# of
# of Service Providers (work partners, Project co-organizers,
technicians, animators, etc.)
Women over 24 2 1
Men over 24 4
Girls 15-24 10
Boys 15-24 10
Girls under 15 2
Boys under 15 2


Item Number Unit Cost Total Cost
Large Paint 2 8,000 16,000
Medium Paint 3 3,000 9,000
Small Paint 6 2,000 12,000
Pack of small paintbrushes 2 2,000 4,000
Large Paintbrush 3 500 1,500
Liter of Gasoline (to use a paint remover) 2 600 1,200
Liter of Veneer 2 1,500 3,000
Pencil 10 25 250
Eraser 10 100 1,000
Total 47,950

Amount Requested: 47,950

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