Skaggs December 2008

Post: Zagnanado

Project Description: The Social Promotion Center (CPS) of Zagnanado commemorated World AIDS Day (WAD) by hosting two separate activities targeting the student-youth of Zagnanado. The CPS feels the activities were affective in passing information to these students, and PSI's donations contributed to making these activities a success.

When requesting the donations, the CPS intended to use them for a single activity (a march and assembly) but after the request was submitted to PSI, the plan for a second WAD activity emerged, thus the donations were divided among the two days, not just one as originally planned.

The first activity was held November 29, 2008, the Saturday preceding WAD. Beginning at the Zagnanado CEG, approximately 400 students, the responsable of the Zagnanado CPS, and PCV Anna Skaggs participated in a march around the school and on the main road of Zagnanado, ending at the Maison de Jeune, a building designated for community assemblies. Once at the assembly, three speakers spoke to the crowd of approximately 275 students. The CPS responsable discussed the three modes of HIV transmission; a doctor from the community discussed the realities of HIV/AIDS; the Zagnanado CEG director talked about the importance of adopting positive behavior in terms of preventing HIV/AIDS. Intermittent between speakers, select students (all of which were educated about HIV/AIDS by the CPS responsable and Skaggs two weeks prior) performed talents that expressed their sentiments toward the disease or that conveyed a specific educational message regarding it. Talents included original poetry and rap, singing, theater, and a traditional song and dance. As a sign of the CPS's appreciation for the speakers, an Amour et Vie and condoms were given to the two guest speakers (the doctor and director). Additionally, Amour et Vies were given to all artists after their performances, as well as to students in the audience who answered questions or asked their own during guest-speaker periods. When the activity ended, the remaining magazines were distributed to the attendants as they exited the building.

The second activity was held December 1, 2008, World AIDS Day. A club of CEG students, sponsored by Skaggs and in collaboration with the CPS, organized a classroom at the school where students could watch a film about HIV/AIDS. Approximately 170 students were present and were all approximately 15-18 years old. The film ("Le SIDA, c'est quoi?") was loaned by PSI. Throughout the film, club members paused it to clarify points and pose questions to the audience. At the end, a brief question and answer session ensued. Condoms and HIV/AIDS pamphlets (both PSI-donated) were given to those who participated in the session. Like the first activity, upon completion of the activity, the remaining condoms and pamphlets were distributed as students exited the classroom.

Both activities were successful in achieving their goals, which were to raise awareness of HIV/IDS and to educate students on basic, but important, knowledge about the disease. Additionally, both activities generated positive feedback from their participants.

Participants: Approximately 800 students affected by the events; Event planned and executed by 17 girls (head girl gave a speech and assisted in event planning; 16 other girls performed skits and poetry), 15 boys (performed skits and rap; 5 of the boys are member's of the Volunteer's club and assisted with event planning), and 3 men (1 University student assisted with event planning; a doctor and the secondary school director gave speeches).


Item Number Cost
Red Ribbon – 1 10 m 500 CFA
Red Ribbon – 2 30 m 1,500 CFA
Banner 1 3,500 CFA
Sound System 1 5,000 CFA

Amount Requested: 10,500 CFA


GAD Coordinator Comments: Volunteer provided receipts. Anna provided this updated project description today along with a better breakdown of the number of people involved in the project. Now that we have more information about the project, I recommend funding.

GAD Specialist Comments: This is a great activity and quite detailed. I like the way she broke down the gender and tasks of the organizers. However, I think the Volunteer might want to give a breakdown by gender (boys/girls; men/women) of participants albeit estimates. Recommend funding.

GAD Finance Comments: In my opinion, this is a truly excellent project. The project description provided all relevent information, and she gave a detailed description of those persons affected. Definetly recommend funding.

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