Shebeck April 2008


Post: Cobly

Project Description: This project is the completion of a rural well in the quartier of Kountebagou in the village of Tapoga, arrondisement of Tapoga, in the commune of Cobly. The well is already 8 meters deep with cement reinforced walls which the community financed themselves; the project would simply provide for the cement and labor to finish the 7 meters that remain, as well as a well cover to protect the cleanliness of the water. The importance of this well cannot be overstated, as it will serve a quartier of approximately 1000 people who are currently forced to walk several kilometers to the nearest water pump or to a nearby stream for their daily water needs. Since women are traditionally the members of the household responsible for retrieving water, the completed well, which is located in the center of the quartier, will significantly reduce the time required for them to retrieve clean water, allowing them more time to attend to other household duties and care for the dependants for whose health and nutrition they are primarily responsible. Furthermore, the community’s dependence on unclean water from the stream that is closer to the quartier than the nearest pump would be significantly reduced by the completion of this well, thereby lessening the possibility for inhabitants to contract water-borne diseases, an aspect of the community’s water security that has significant impact on the health of children under five for whom diarrhea is one of the greatest killers. In general, the finished well will benefit the health of all members of the community, regardless of gender and age.
Dates of Project: April to May 2008
Number of People Involved: 12 (members of the community well committee)

Item Number Cost
Packet of Cement 4 20.000
Labor of Well Digger 1 30.000
Total 50.000

Amount Requested: 50.000

Closing Report

Brief Project Description: Completion of well in the quartier of Koutebagou in the arrondisement of Tapoga. Purchased cement to reinforce the walls and paid for labor to dig the well to 15 m from the 8 m it was it at.

Number of People Involved and Age Range: Approximately 30; 10 men and 20 women, adults

What were the goals/objectives of the project? To complete the well in order to ensure some kind of water source in the quartier, which has over 1000 residents.

Were these goals/objectives met? Yes

What were the strengths of this project? It was simple and the community was already invested in it, since they had begun its construction on their own and only applied for funding halfway through.

What were the challenges/weaknesses of this project? Poor timing—because the digging didn’t really get going until the beginning of the rainy season, the water is not that clean and the well is, at this point, more of a receptacle for rain water. But the residents are happy with it and may continue digging once the dry season begins again.

Do you consider this project completed? Yes


Item Number Cost
Cement (1 packet @ 5,000 CFA) 4 20,000 CFA
Labor 30,000 CFA
Total 50,000 CFA
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