Seromik January 2009

Name: Sebastian Seromik
Post: Ouesse
Date Submitted:
Contact Information: 97 34 33 73
Pick up Location: Parakou
Project Description: My postmate and I painted a World Map at Adagou A, a primary school in Ouesse. The project involved the students at the school, boys and girls, from the beginning. The project provided the students with an opportunity to beautify their school while learning more about maps, geography, and the world in the process. The director of the school and the students were all very excited. The project took place over the course of two days, with volunteers painting the background and drawing the outline on one day, and students painting in all of the countries on the second day. The next step for the map is to paint in all of the country names, which will be done as an interactive activity with the children to help teach them the names of countries.
Dates of Project: 12/26 – 12/27 2008
Number of People Involved: 8 adults (3 female PCVs, 2 male PCVs, 3 adult male community members) and 12 children (8 girls and 4 boys)

Item Number Cost
White paint 1 (4 kg.) 12.500
Paint Dyes 2 @ 3.500 each 7.000
Small Paintbrush Set 1 2.500
Brushes size 1-5 3 @ 350 1.050
Brushes size 3 4 @ 500 2.000
Total 25.050

Amount Requested: 25.000 CFA

Closing Report

We did the project in two days, but I would recommend for volunteers to plan on it taking longer. We were, frankly, lucky to have the assistance of so many volunteers to finish the project on time. Also, I recommend doing the project in the dry season as the paint dries much quicker and work isn’t broken up or impeded by rain.

Overall this was a great project. The boys and girls had a chance to learn while they painted in the countries, and they were able to see what a change can be made and how much can be accomplished with only a couple of days of motivated, honest work. I recommend this project to all Peace Corps volunteers.


GAD Coordinator: Sebastian included all receipts, and pictures. Recommend funding.

GAD Finance: Excellent job on map project. He seems to have followed all the requests for map projects for this year, and gave great feedback. Recommend Funding.

GAD Specialist: Recommend funding too.

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