Seromik And Reuning April 2009

Name: Sebastian Seromik and Claire Reuning
Post: Ouesse
Contact: 97-34-33-73 or 97-67-67-56
Pickup Location: Parakou
Brief Project Description: We are organizing a softball game between the team of CEG2 Ouesse girls (known as the Ouesse Ouildcats) and volunteers, to be held in Parakou on May 2. We would travel with the girls up from Ouesse to Parakou in the morning, warm up and play a game against the volunteers (also known as the Yovo Tomes) and then take the girls out to eat lunch in Parakou before returning back to Ouesse in the evening. The team was started in January 2009 and has been a great opportunity for the girls to be a part of something and improve their self-esteem, teamwork and leadership abilities, and have some fun while they are at it. They are hilarious and absolutely love the game. Since there are no other softball teams around that we can play against, the girls scrimmage against each other each Saturday morning. In order to give them the experience of playing an actual game against a different team, we began working to organize this softball game on May 2. We think the game will continue to strengthen the bonds between the girls, help them learn more about teamwork and sportsmanship, give them a chance to interact with a number of other volunteers from different regions, and give many girls a chance to get to the “big city” which they don’t often get. We are looking forward to pulling of this event and are hopeful that GAD will be able to assist us in building up these girls. Go Ouesse Ouildcats!

Date of Project: May 2, 2009
Number of People Involved: 15 girls and 12 Volunteers

Item Number Cost
4.000 Roundtrip transportation to Parakou 15 girls 60.000
Total Cost 60.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 50,000 CFA

Closing Report

Brief Project Description: We took 18 girls from CEG2 Ouesse softball team, the Ouesse Ouildcats, to University of Parakou to play a game against the Yovotomey Yaguars , a team comprised of Peace Corps volunteers. The Ouildcats won, 15-13, coming back from a 6-run deficit in the 4th and final inning to post a monumental victory. After the game, we took the girls on a brief tour of the University of Parakou’s campus and then out to eat at a local restaurant, where we introduced them to the female manager of the restaurant so they could meet a successful Beninese businesswoman. We then took them back to Ouesse the same day.

Number of People Involved and Age Range: 18 girls aged 14-17, 2 chaperone volunteers, 12 other volunteers

What were the goals/objectives of this project? To have fun, to improve the girls’ self-confidence and teach them to dream big and set higher goals, exposing them to university life in the big city, and successful female careerwomen. Also, to completely destroy the Yaguars.

Were these goals/objectives met? Without a doubt. The girls loved it so much they want to do it again this summer, although mine and Claire’s pockets did take a hit.

What were the strengths of this project? The cooperation of other volunteers to form a team, the cooperation of the University of Parakou in letting us use their field, the organization of the restaurant, which was all ready for a group of 30 people to show up and be served, but mostly the enthusiasm and willingness to try new things that the girls exhibited. They were excited, and showed that they love belonging to something that recognizes their self-worth. This has greatly increased their self-esteem and will encourage them to aim higher with their dreams and desires.

What were the challenges/weaknesses of this project? Keeping track of all 18 girls was what we were most concerned about, but they behaved well and we didn’t have any problems.

Do you consider this project completed? Yes


Item Number Cost
Transport 2 cars x 30,000 per car 60,000 CFA
Meals x 2,400 20 48,000 CFA
Total 108,000 CFA
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