Schwartz September 2008

Name: Steve Schwartz
Post: Tchaourou
Date Submitted: September 7, 2008
Contact Information: 95372356
Pick up Location: Parakou
Project Description: Furnishings for pilot women's savings and credit group in Tchaourou's Tchala neighborhood.

Furnishings for pilot womens savings and credit group in Tchaourou’s Tchala quartier. Project is based on the Peace Corps supported Village Savings & Loan Association program (, designed to give self-selecting groups a chance to establish and interest-generating savings account and provide affordable micro credit to group members for business activities. Structure of group activities is designed to be transparent and administration is easily understood by literate and non-literate members alike.

Furnishings provided by this grant are for investment in supplies necessary for group activity. The sheet metal lockbox is designed to store all cash, passbooks and a non-replicable ink stamp for transparency in record keeping. The box has three latch mechanisms, each with a different padlock, thus can only be opened when the three “key holders” are present and thus ensuring transparency. The passbooks themselves are two double-sided photocopies in which weekly savings are recorded with an amount of stamps correlating to the amount saved. The group secretary has master copies of the photocopies for sustainability.

Dates of Project: June 15, 2008
Number of People Involved: 36 women in pilot, potential for 200+ in the district

Item Number Cost
Lockbox (materials and work) 1 8.250
Padlocks with unique keys 3 2.800
Ink Stamp 1 500
Ink Pad 1 1.500
Printing and photocopy of passbooks 40 2.720
Total 15.770

Amount Requested: 15.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator Comments: Steve submitted all receipts. I contacted Steve yesterday and explained that the project description needs to be more detailed and include a justification of all items in the budget. He agreed to submit an updated project description before the 15th.

Financial Chair Comments: I agree that there needs to be a much fuller description before this can be approved. The budget seems ok, but there is not enough detail on the project itself or the people involved. I agree with Erin on a resubmission. Wait for approval until more information is provided.

Update from the GAD Coordinator: Steve sent an updated project description for this reimbursement proposal; the updated info is now in the project description in green. I think it's great that he is acting on his supplementary SED training and trying to help start a savings and credit group in his town. Recommend funding.

GAD Specialist Comments: I recommend funding too after the resubmission. Which has been done.

Financial Chair Comments: He has provided a very thorough project description and now I fully support this project. He gives a strong explanation of the class of projects that it falls into, as well as how this specific project in Tchaourou will be carried out. Recommend funding.

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