Rybarski August 2008

Name: Jim Rybarski
Post: Natitingou
Date Submitted:
Contact Information: 97024583
Pick up Location: Cotonou
Project Description: Growing GM rice to produce seeds to distribute to five villages in the district of Kouandata – Kouandata, Koutie, Kounandargou, Tignenti, and Kouatidabirgou. Seeds will be given to the “Groupement des Jeunes Cultivateurs” next year at the first rain. Seeds will be dried and stored until then. Some seeds will also be given to the CARDER in Natitingou as they are also interested in GM rice. The rice grows in low-water conditions and does not need to be inundated, so it can be grown with just a watering can in the dry season. The CARDER will also teach the “Groupement des Jeunes Cultivateurs” the proper method of planting seeds.
Dates of Project: unspecified
Number of People Involved: 25 – 50 people, depending on turnout

Item Number Cost
Rice Seed 15kg 9.000
Total 9.000

Amount Requested: 9.000 CFA


Coordinator Comments: I don’t think this project is ready to be approved. First, Jim did not attach a receipt. Second, I would like to see a better breakdown on the number of people involved; does the young farmers’ group have members from all 5 of these districts, or does Jim have some sort of distribution plan? Also, what is the CARDER and how many of their people have agreed to train the youth? Who is storing the rice and who is growing it for seed now? How will it be stored? Have GM rice projects been tried here in the past and failed (as many do because people don’t like the taste) and will any sort of nutritional training accompany the distribution of the rice seed? I texted Jim about this stuff on 14/8 but haven’t yet heard back. I think we should just ask him to resubmit next month with receipts and a better project description.

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