Roberts May 2008

Name: Holley Roberts
Post: Dogbo
Date Submitted:
Contact Information:
Pick up Location: Cotonou
Project Description: Jerseys for first-ever organized girls’ basketball team in Dogbo AND handballs for first-ever organized girls’ handball team in nearby village, Ahomey. I help coach the girls’ basketball team. They come every Saturday, sometimes twice, to learn the game of basketball and to practice their skills. We want to host a joint tournament (with the boys’ team, which already has jerseys) during the summer vacation, but the girls need jerseys. As for the handball team, the girls already have a coach, but they have almost no equipment. They asked if I would help by finding the means to buy two balls, while other community members have offered to buy nets and jerseys.
Dates of Project: May 2008
Number of People Involved: Dogbo girls’ basketball team (15 girls) and Ahomey girls’ handball team (20 girls)

Item Number Cost
Jerseys for Girls' Basketball Team 10 10.000
Handballs for Girls' Team 40 40.000
Total 50.000


GAD Coordinator Comments: I think this is a great project. However, the price of the handballs listed in the budget has left me somewhat nonplussed. I can’t imagine paying 20,000 CFA for a handball. Recommend telling Holley to research those prices some more. There must be cheaper handballs in Benin.

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