Roberts March 2008

Name: Holley Roberts
Post: Dogbo
Date Submitted:
Contact Information:
Pick up Location: Cotonou
Project Description: For Women’s Day, CEG Dogbo will host a girls’ soccer tournament. The tournament will host several teams from different grades at CEG Dogbo and also teams from other CEGs (Azove, Lokossa, Aplahoue and others that have been invited, but have not yet confirmed.) The games will be played throughout the day and at the end, there will be a prize ceremony for the winning teams and outstanding players.
Dates of Project: March 8, 2008
Number of People Involved: Dogbo teams, teams from Lokossa, Azove and Aplahoue

Item Number Cost
Balls for Outstanding Players 4 20.000
Jerseys for the Winning Team 15 15.000
Total 35.000

Amount Requested: 35.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator Comments: I already spoke with Holley on the phone about this project. She realized as soon as she submitted her proposal that it might not be approved before March 8th and wanted to know what she could do. I asked her if she could change the date, but the other schools had already been invited and she didn’t’ know if she could change it. I reviewed her proposal and told her to go ahead with it anyway. I know this is not customary, but I didn’t want her to miss this opportunity to do this. Recommend funding.

Closing Report

Name: Holley Roberts
Post: Dogbo
Brief Description of Project: Girls’ soccer competition between Azove and Dogbo teams.
Number of People Involved and Age Range: 15 girls (1 team) who received jerseys. Balls were provided by a community member and turned out not to be necessary.

What were the goals/objectives of this project? To celebrate Women’s Day and empower the local teams.

Were those goals/objectives met? Yes, the girls had a great time, and the community coach is preparing to put numbers on the jerseys for the girls so they can use them for future matches.

What were the strengths of this project? It gave the girls a chance to play soccer without having to give up the field to boys’ teams and showed the community that girls’ soccer is entertaining just like boys’ soccer. The jerseys, which were presented to the winning team, will continue to provide the girls with a sense of pride at their accomplishment.

What were the challenges/weaknesses? Making sure the jerseys got where (and to whom) they were supposed to go. Also, since the project only paid for jerseys, I’d like to do more for the community next time. However, they already had the day planned when I arrived at post, so they provided all else that was necessary to make the day a success.

Do you consider this project completed? Yes.

Item Number Cost
Jerseys 15 15,000

Total: 15,000 CFA
Note from Holley: 20,000 CFA that was planned for balls will be returned along with receipts

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