Puzey February 2009

Name: Catherine Puzey
Post: Badjoude
Date Submitted: February 8, 2009
Contact Information: Text
Pick up Location: Parakou
Project Description: The goal of this project is to promote the importance of education, share local culture, and celebrate Negro-African literature. In honor of the International Francophone Day, the arrondissement of Badjoude will partner with the CLAC ( Reading and Cultural Center) and APE(Parents' Association) to host a day of festivities. Events will open with a panel discussion led by French professors. The theme of this year's discussion is Negro-African literature. This panel will be followed by three competitions: karoake, story-telling, and a treasure hunt for general cultural facts (each person will get a questionnaire and need to find the answers in the CLAC's library). This day will also be the kick-off for the next reading club contest, whereby participants in each reading category (adult novel, young adult novel, and children's) keep track of books read and the top twenty readers receive prizes. Organization of the event is chaired by the two CLAC workers and a representative of the APE, with logistical support from the volunteer. Funding other than GSP will come from the Parent's Association, CLAC headquarters, and Minister of Culture.
Dates of Project: March 20, 2009
Number of People Involved: Organizational Committee: Volunteer and 3 members of the community; International Francophone Day: 100-200 primary school children, 50-100 adults

Item Number Unit Cost Total Cost
Radio communication 3 2000 6000
Money Prizes for three contests 9 4000 36,000
Posters 20 50 1000
Sound System 1 7000 7000
Total 50,000

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: I think it's great that Kate has been working so much with the CLAC to encourage youth to develop the habit of reading. This panel discussion sounds like a great project, as does the summer reading club! I am concerned, however, about the idea of giving away cash prizes. I know that GAD pays for per diems and will pay for the purchase of tangible gifts and prizes, so on one hand I think that if cash is what will be the most immediately useful thing we may as well do that instead of some other gift, but on the other hand I think that giving away cash in some way goes against the values of the Peace Corps. I am curious to see what you two think about this particular part of the budget.

GAD Finance: I think this is a great project. I agree that cash prizes are a little awkard and would suggest an alternative such as a book or books, as the point is to encourage reading . If that is suggested and she accepts, I recommend funding.

GAD Specialist: It's a very good project and I'm glad to see that even though it is not the first time this is happening in Badjoude, Kate has added her own touch. Of course, we all know that we are shying away from people associating PC with "free cash". If it is to pay school fees for the winners, then the Kate and organizers can pay the fees directly to the school. Additionally, Kate should break participants down to number of girls/boys; women/men. I recommend funding.

GAD Coordinator Update: Received an update by email from Kate. Waiting for further updates.

I think your point about giving money prizes is a good one. I tried calling my CLAC guys but couldn't get through (thank you crappy combo of nati/ouake reseau). So my plan is to talk to them when i get back about attaching/incorporating directives with the money prizes: for contributions, uniforms, continued studies, 3e BEPC books, etc. I think they'll love the idea since their big push this year has been to increase usage of the CLAC resources specifically as a means to help and encourage students.

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