Porto Novo 2011

Camp GLOW Porto Novo

Girls’ or Boys’ Camp?: girls

Dates of Camp: June 26 – July 2, 2011

Location (town and venue used): Porto Novo – Le Centre Chrétien d’Acceuil et de la Formation

Participating villages/towns: Gbouzoume, Daagbé, Takon, Kloukemey, Lokossa, Vakon, Lalo, Lobogo, Azowisse, Zayanado

Size (number of campers): 49 girls and 6 tutrices

Grade Level of Campers: 6eme & 5eme

Did this Camp use Junior Counselors and/or Tutrices?: tutrices

Overnight or day camp?: overnight

Theme of Camp: female empowerment; the importance of education and staying in school

Partner Organizations and HCN guests (i.e.: This camp partnered with Victory Way for a sexual harassment session and included visits from a sage femme, the mayor, and Director of local CEG):

Care International (staying in school, sexual harassment, the rights of women and children), PSI (person living with HIV), sage femme of Zayanado (study skills, the importance of education, puberty, reproduction, hygiene), Natasha (PC facilitator on gender roles), Madame Nadine (bead crafts), various Beninese professional women

Description of activities (Please include main topics discussed):

See above. There were also health lessons on HIV/AIDS, malaria, and nutrition

Describe successes of project:

Overall, the camp went really well with just minor problems here and there.

Describe any lessons learned through the implementation of project:

Finding good motivated tutrices can be difficult sometimes. Maybe for next year they should have junior tutrices too.

Please include any other pertinent logistical information for those attempting to re-create a similar camp:

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