Pobe August 2009


Post: Pobe
Dates of Project: 7th September 2009 – beginning of the initial 6 month cycle.

Brief Project Description:

This kit is for a start-up Village Savings and Loans Association group. This group is an established women’s group of weavers who have complained previously about a lack of available credit. The Village Savings and Loan Association will be set up to give these women the opportunity to save and take loans from one another in a self-sustaining system. This VSLA is structured to the format of the Care and VSL group handbook and has worked successfully in other parts of Benin and West Africa, this will be the first of many women groups I hope to start in Pobe.

At present, I have gone through 2 hour-long meetings to explain the system, and these women have gone through an accounting system formation before. Together we have done a demonstration system using beans, and now these women are ready to begin the system properly.

Number of People Involved: 32 female weavers (age 24-57)

Item Number Cost
Metal Box 1 15.000 CFA
Pens 2 200 CFA
Ruler 1 200 CFA
Exercise books 26 3.500 CFA
Padlocks 3 3.000 CFA
Stamp 1 1.000 CFA
Inkpad 1 750 CFA
Total Cost 23.650 CFA

Amount Requested: 23.650 CFA

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