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Date(s) of project: Begin late April or when funding becomes available, complete before the end of the 2011- 2012 academic year.

Brief description of Project:

The Young Boys and Girls Club of CEG Pira would like to do a World Map Project at our CEG. The Girls Club has been in existence for three years; however, this year we have expanded the Club to include boys as well. The purpose of incorporating boys into the club is to promote respect and gender equality amongst the students. In addition to weekly meetings, discussions and activities, the boys and girls in the club have proposed projects they wish to accomplish in the near future. The students and teachers have expressed their interest in purchasing a billboard that will enable us to paint a larger surface area. We will complete one side of the board with the world map, and the opposite side with both a map of Africa and a map of Benin. All countries will be labeled in French. We have looked into the cost of paint in Bantè and will be able to purchase powdered paint and sealant which will be cheaper than petrol paint. We have divvied up the various tasks amongst the girls and boys. They include: the tracing of vertical and horizontal lines, the outlining and painting of all the continents and the labeling of the countries. There are a total of 29 students who will be involved in the immediate production of the map. 18 of the students are girls under the age of 20 and 11 of them are boys under the age of 20. There are also two male SVT teachers who will be involved and one male math teacher. The billboard will be mounted at the CEG so that teachers will be able to utilize the map for teaching purposes, and so that the total 900 students at CEG Pira will benefit from the presence of a map of the world, Africa, and Benin. Not only will the students gain geographical knowledge, but the map also provides a basis for further discussion of other cultures in different countries. Upon completion of the map, I would like to focus multiple sessions on gender equality in other countries. For instance, I could compare lives of young female students in America versus the Middle East. The World Map and the anticipated discussions will tie in nicely with the Coverdell World Wide Schools Program and letter correspondence my students have struck up with a class in Westfield, New Jersey.
While we have not yet purchased the necessary goods for the project, the students have expressed great interest in the map and have already demonstrated the initiative and drive necessary to complete it. In the distribution of tasks, it was the students who agreed that there should be a maximum number of four students working on the given task at any given time so as to not overwhelm the process. Additionally, the students discussed which tasks they would be interested in and allocated them in an equal and fair fashion. I anticipate that this project will be a great success; the boys, girls, teachers, administration and community are very excited and very supportive of the proposal.

Number of people involved:

# of
# of Service Providers (work partners, Project co-organizers,
technicians, animators, etc.)
Women over 24
Men over 24 4
Girls 15-24 11
Boys 15-24 3
Girls under 15 7
Boys under 15 8


Item Number Unit Cost Total Cost
Billboard (1.5m x 2.5 m) 1 30,000 30,000
White Paint Powder 2 Kilos 1,000 2,000
Blue, Red, Yellow pigments 3 kilos 700 2,100
Big paint brushes 3 1,000 3,000
Small paint brushes 2 700 1,400
Sealant 2 containers 500 1,000
Total 39,500

Amount Requested: 39,500

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