Penessoulou April 2012


Post: Penessoulou

Date(s) of project: May 9 – June 20, 2012

Brief description of Project:

Students of CEG Penessoulou and I would like to paint a world map at CEG Penessoulou. The people involved in the World Map Project will include me, my homologue, potentially a third English teacher, and four girls and four boy students. We will work together Wednesday afternoons for 2-4 hours during the school week and Saturday mornings on the weekends. The project should take several weeks to complete.
With lack of materials students frequently lack visual and global contexts. The World Map Project will be a scholastic and geographical resource, a pictorial aid, a stimulation depicting the modern world, and a visual improvement to the school building. Though there is a World Map at CEG Penessoulou, it was poorly made, incorrectly labeled and is now faded, chipped, worn down and hidden behind a large mango tree. I would like to paint over the old map and place the new one in a more central location. (The old map was not a PC project; it has been at the school for many years.)
Apart from this, the Map Project will promote gender equality and education in several ways. First, the girls and boys will be collaborating together to exchange ideas, to solve issues they encounter, and to work on an equal playing field. Both genders will have the opportunity to be creative and volunteer for their school, showing that girls and boys alike can create art and be community leaders. The four boy and four girl students will be chosen from students in Art and Film Club and English Club, and they will be selected based on their ability to enlarge images, follow grid lines, pay attention to detail, follow a color code, and work well with their peers. While painting, other students and members of the community will watch the students work, observing that it is possible and beneficial for girls and boys to have equal opportunities.
Additionally, at the beginning of each meeting, my homologue and I will present the students with one quote, song, or text that will spark a short discussion about gender equality around the world. For example, we will look at publications about the relationship between women’s education and economic development, inspiring quotes by and about women’s potential, and successes of women from different parts of the world. We may talk about living conditions, access to important resources, economic development, opportunities, rights, and overall differences in women’s roles. We will then reference the map in order to give visual context. When the project is completed, one boy and one girl student will present the map to the school at the Monday morning flag ceremony. They will explain what the map is, how it should be used, the work that they put into it and the lessons that they learned.

Number of people involved:

# of
# of Service Providers (work partners, Project co-organizers,
technicians, animators, etc.)
Women over 24 1
Men over 24 1 1
Girls 15-24 2
Boys 15-24 2
Girls under 15 2
Boys under 15 2


Item Number Unit Cost Total Cost
White Paint 1 10,000 10,000
White Wash (Chaux Vive) 2 350 700
Blue Paint 2 4,500 9,000
Protective Varnish 1 6,800 6,800
Gasoline 5 600 3000
Paint brushes (small) 1 3500 3500
Roll paintbrushes 2 2000 4000
Masking Tape 2 700 1400
Pencils 20 100 2000
Erasers 10 150 1500
Drinks 24 300 7200
Laminated Sheets 10 75 750
Total 49,850

Amount Requested: 49,850

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