PCV 9 June 2010

Brief Project Description:
My Project at post is a business club with CEG 1 students. The students are comprised of 15 males and 5 females. My goal for the business club after 8 weeks is to start a business together. This will teach the students how to run a business as a team using real life situations. The business that will be started is a cinema and will be located at the Youth Center in Nikki. We have the means to do this because the Mayor’s office will provide the projector, laptop and speakers.
I have divided the group of students into 4 groups: Accounting, Communication, Marketing and Management. Each group will be responsible for doing their job when the business starts. Throughout the 8 weeks, I will be teaching business, but also other important skills such as motivation and how to communicate effectively. Also this is important for the 5 females in the group because it will teach them and the males to effectively work together regardless of gender. We’ve made it a priority to put at least one female in each group created. We have 1 in accounting, 1 in marketing, 2 in communication and 1 in advertising. This will help build self esteem and empower the women to be leaders.

With the funds provided by GAD, we will be able to effectively advertise the cinema through distribution of leaflets, radio time and billboards throughout the commune of Nikki.

Dates of Project: July 10-August 14
Number of People Involved: 15 Male students, 5 Female students with the ages from 18-20 years old
2 male assistants are also helping me conduct each session. Each student is involved because each one is learning the basics of business and will contribute to the success of the cinema when it starts in August. Before the start, each one of us will be doing the marketing in Nikki and having meetings with groups of people in the commune on the importance of this cinema. This will teach each one of them the impact marketing has on a business and how effective communication can also strengthen a business.


Item Number Unit Price Cost
Photocopies/Flyers 800 15 CFA 12.000 CFA
Logo/Banner 1 10.000 CFA 10.000 CFA
T-shirts 25 1.000 CFA 25.000 CFA
Markers 3 500 CFA 1.500 CFA
Khaki Paper 20 75 CFA 1.500 CFA
Total Cost 50.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: GAD Coordinator: An innovative project, and I’m glad they are not pigeon-holing the girls into one group. But, they will have to work actively to establish ground rules for group work so that girls’ voices are not drowned out. I recommend having a meeting where they brainstorm about effective group work and set up rules. I would also recommend getting a dynamic woman involved as an assistant, in addition to the two men (maybe a staff member at the youth center?). I also recommend that the T-shirts be used as a reward at the end of the project for those who actively participated. Recommend funding once questions are answered.

GAD Finance: When the PCV told me about this project, I thought it was great! It is nice to know that the Mayor’s office in involved by providing the projector, laptop and speakers. I was under the impression that the business club would charge an entrance fee to the cinema, which is not mentioned in the proposal. Could the PCV talk about how the business club will use its profits to become a sustainable as a business? Recommend funding once questions are answered.

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