PCV 7 May 2010

Brief Project Description:
In order to involve as many host country national partners and facilitate capacity building in young men regarding gender issues and female empowerment projects, the 2010 Camp in Village A and Village B have selected three junior counselors to aid Volunteers in their 4 day Camps scheduled through July. The one-day training session will include workshops outlining the roles of a Junior Counselor, expectations and camp rules. The second portion of the training will include three Volunteer and two Beninese counterpart-led small activities mirroring the larger activities the Junior Counselors will be expected to help facilitate through-out the Camp. These will include activities such as “Act Like A Man”, a lesson based on gender roles, a health and sexuality lecture, and an interactive lesson discussing leadership roles, effective listening techniques and how to facilitate discussion in large groups.

Dates of Project: May 29, 2010
Number of People Involved:
Three young men, ages 20, 18, and 17 will participate in the Junior Counselor Training led by two adult male Beninese counterparts and three female Volunteers. In facilitations given in French, the trainees will learn what is expected of them in their respective Camps, and be educated as to how best to facilitate discussions, support campers, and provide much desired input from the perspective of a peer to the campers. The Camps in Village A and Village B believe that the desired effects of the Camps will most likely be realized when presented by other Beninese role models, as opposed to Volunteers. The Beninese counterpart from Village B will begin the camp by describing the importance of educating men in women’s issues and the goals of the Camp. HCN of Village C will then lead a conversation regarding their specific roles as leaders and Junior Counselors, as well as how they are to provide support to Volunteers throughout the Camp. The secondary portion of the training will be led by the three female volunteers who will educate the Junior Counselors in the more specific activities of which they will partake and facilitate in order to familiarize them with the lessons beforehand. It is our goal to facilitate capacity building in teaching young men to be effective leaders and educate them in the importance of female empowerment prior to giving them the opportunity to pass their knowledge onto their younger peers.


Item Number Cost
Transportation Village A to Djougou (round-trip) 1 2.000 CFA
Transportation Village B to Djougou (round-trip) 3 8.100 CFA
Transportation Village C to Djougou (round-trip) 1 7.000 CFA
Transportation Village D to Djougou (round-trip) 3 12.000 CFA
Lunch (Rice, Cheese or Meat, and Soda) 8 5.600 CFA
Total Cost 34.700 CFA

Amount Requested: 34.700 CFA


GAD Coordinator: A great project – I love that they are getting men and boys involved in gender discussions. Recommend funding.
GAD Finance: I look forward to hearing about how these camps go! What are the ages of the adult Beninese counterparts? Also, I would recommend incorporating this expense to the larger project budget next year if they have the camp again. Recommend funding.

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