Pcv 7 May 2008


Project Description: The goal of this project is to promote the importance of education, children’s rights, and traditional culture by giving primary school children the opportunity to demonstrate and exchange their talents in theatre, dance, music, and poetry.

In honor of the 18th International Day of the African Child, the commune of Ouaké will be hosting a day-long festival. Events will include a parade, cultural demonstrations, a group talent competition, games for the children, and a reception. All primary schools have been invited to enter a team of 10-15 students in the contest. The children will perform in one of four categories: theatre, dance, music, and poetry. Performances will reflect the local culture and be themed around children’s rights and the importance of education. Winners in each category will be awarded a special prize and all participants will receive a cadeau.

Leading up to the actual day, there will be three training events. The first will be by a specialist in traditional arts. He or she will follow weekly practice sessions, offering support and advice to teams on how to improve their performances. The second will be for the benefit of each school’s cultural animator. They will be trained on how best to enrich their school’s cultural activities and promote children’s rights. Ideally, each cultural animator will then return to their schools and share their knowledge with colleagues. Lastly, the weekend before the event a “day of reflection” will be held for parents and teachers on the topic of children’s rights.

GSP funds will cover the prizes and gifts for the participants. Several NGOs from the area and the ministry of culture will be covering the other costs of the project.

Dates of Project: 16 June 2008

Number of People Involved: Organization committee: volunteer and 5 members of the community
Cultural animator training: 10-20 adults

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