PCV 7 June 2010

Brief Project Description:
This year for Benin’s Independence Day, two women’s groups from Komde want to show their Commune what they have learned this past year with the help of their PCV and local health center. After a year of discussing preventative health measures (especially basic hygiene like hand washing) these women want to plan and perform several theatrical sketches at the mayor’s office to show off their knowledge and hopefully teach others about preventative health. Afterwards women will prepare food for themselves in a celebratory end-of-year party. GAD funds will go to bolts of fabric for women’s coordinating outfits and some food supplies.

Dates of Project: 1st August 2010

Number of People Involved:
Women (20+): 25 + 100 (women’s groups, audience)
Girls (<19): 50 (audience)
Men (20 +): 120 (audience, dignitaries)
Boys (<19): 50 (audience)
Total: 345


Item Number Unit Price Cost
Fabric 50 500 CFA 25.000 CFA
Chicken 4 2.500 CFA 10.000 CFA
Total Cost 35.000 CFA

[A community contribution of 46.000 CFA for labor (26 woman at 2.000 CFA each) was included in the proposal]

Amount Requested: 35.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: Love it! So glad to see the women initiating this project and passing their knowledge along. Recommend funding.

GAD Finance: The PCV always does a great job of thoroughly presenting the number of participants and budget. Perhaps all GSP applications should be modified to include a “Community Contribution” section in the budget in order to encourage more community buy-in. Recommend funding.

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