PCV 7 February 2010

Brief Project Description:

In collaboration with the CPR (Center for Rural Promotion), the volunteer and villagers will create three gardening groups. Each group will attend two workshops. The first workshop educates participants on soil fertility, and the second workshop will cover how to market crops. The watering cans will be distributed after the second formation when the participants have implemented at least one method of maintaining soil fertility (i.e. composting or planning crop rotation).

Dates of Project:

1st Formation: Village 1 3/7, Village 2 3/14, Village 3 3/21
2nd Formation: Village 1 4/11, Village 2 4/18, Village 3 4/25

Number of People Involved:

Each gardening group consists of three women and three men. The workshops will be given by one male PCV and the secretary of the CPR, also a male. The male participants are in their twenties, and the females are in their forties. The project will benefit each gardener and his/her family by adding extra income and a variety of vitamins to the families diet. Maintaining soil fertility ensures the sustainability of this project in agricultural, nutritional, and economic terms. The communities (8000 people) wil also benefit by having the opportunity to purchase these crops.


Item Number Cost
Watering Can 6 34.800 CFA
Total Cost 34.800 CFA

Amount Requested: 34.800 CFA


GAD Coordinator: Good project. Some franglais – ask him to avoid in the future but I don’t think he needs to resubmit. How were the groups created? Where will the cans be stored and how can they ensure that the groups use them for their group garden? Once questions are answered, recommend funding.
GAD Finance: Also, will he check up on the gardening groups after the formations are complete? Recommend funding after questions are answered.
GAD Specialist: Agree. We don’t say formations but training sessions. When the suggestions are included, I recommend funding.

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