PCV 6 May 2010

Brief Project Description:
The world map project is creating a mural on the school building at CEG2. The mural will greatly increase students understanding of the world and create a stronger interest in the geography, politics and cultures of other countries. The map will be constructed by male and female students of CEG2. The map and process in itself will help promote female empowerment and the students will also have a sense of ownership. Also the map will encourage students to have a better understanding of the world in the subjects of geography, politics and culture as the map will be incorporated in the lesson plans of the English and History curriculum.

Dates of Project: The starting date will be the fifteenth of June of this year.
The map will continue to have a role within the community for years to come as it will be constantly seen by students as they go to school.
Number of People Involved: 15 male and female students will be involved. Also Math and History professors from the school

Item Number Cost
White Paint 1 16.000 CFA
Blue Paint 1 3.700 CFA
Red Paint 1 3.700 CFA
Yellow Paint 1 3.700 CFA
Black Paint 1 3.700 CFA
6 step ladder 1 19.000 CFA
Total Cost 49.800 CFA

Amount Requested: 49.800 CFA


GAD Coordinator: It’s interesting how maps and murals vary so much in price depending on the community. Where will the ladder be stored after this project? Do they already have brushes? Recommend using MelKo’s patented clear layer of varnish to protect mural. How many boys and how many girls and how were they selected? Recommend funding once questions are answered.
GAD Finance: What are the ages of the participants? How are the student participants selected? Recommend funding once questions are answered.

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