PCV 6 March 2010

Brief Project Description:
Project Play is holding a number of sessions in various locations in Benin. One such session will be March 28th in Kandi. I am asking for funding to help transport, feed and house 10 children from a local soccer club team. Project Play (projectplayafrica.org) is headed up by a RPCV from Niger and its mission is to encourage leadership and life-choice responsibility through sport. My team will not only participate in soccer drills and scrimmages but they will also participate in formations that correlate working hard and training in sports with the struggles an responsibilities in our lives. Project Play is interested in the sustainability in these formations and to that end has separate trainings for club or school coaches to help them encourage leadership and promote positive life-choices. Bringing players from another part of the department also increases the chances of the projects sustainability. After all the drills and formations Team A will play against the Team B to test what they have learned about soccer and sportsmanship.

Dates of Project: March 28th, 2010
Number of People Involved: 4 PCVs, 5 Project Play coordinators, 10 players from Team A, 1 coach Team A, 25 players Team B, 5 coaches Team B


Item Number Cost
Transport 22 40.000 CFA
Meals 22 8.800 CFA
Lodging 11 beds Community Donation
Soccer Field 1 day Community Donation
Water 100 liters Community Donation
Total Cost 48.800 CFA

Amount Requested: 48.800 CFA

Closing Report

Brief Project Description:
Project Play Africa came to Benin to hold soccer and leadership formations for players and coaches for 10 days. Over 2500 balls and other equipment will be distributed, as well as informational coaches’ notebooks.

Dates of Project: 3/28/2010
Number of People Involved:
Men (over 21 y.o.): 12
Girls (12-20): 17
Girls (5-12): 5
Boys (12-20): 93
Boys (5-12): 8

Goals of Project:
Project Play wants to start a partnership with PC Benin to promote leadership and responsibility through sports participation. Coaches are trained to recognize and promote leadership qualities in their young Beninese players. The creator of Project Play believes strongly in the soccer balls power to bring persons together and hold their attention. He would like the program expanded so that the balls are tools that can be used in all PC work environments (ie: TEFL classroom teaching, health center post/pre-natal visits, SED savings and loan meetings).

During juggling competitions, good jugglers were encouraged to assist other players on developing their skills. A regional girls team’s participation encouraged multi-sex involvement in sports. Many regional PCVs were impressed by this initial program and have signed up for supplies for their own communities and projects. I am currently working on a system to track PC involvement with the Project Play program. *As a side note: This was the first trip outside of the one of the communes for 5 players and they placed 3rd in the competition.

Strengths of Project:
Soccer has universal appeal in Benin. The kids really enjoyed the attention gained from coaches and peers alike during the skills competitions.

Challenges of Project:
It basically boils down to a white person giving gifts. Currently there are not many concrete goals/objectives.


Item Number Cost
Transport 46 45.000 CFA
Food 18 5.000 CFA
Total Cost 50.000 CFA
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