PCV 6 June 2010

Brief Project Description:
Camp Espoir de Demain is a five day camp for 24 girls and 24 boys ages 10-16 from four secondary schools in the commune of Bante. There will be sessions on health topics, the environment, Moringa, succeeding in school, career goals, sexual harassment, etc. Most of the project is funded by a SPA grant; the GSP money will pay for T-shirts for participants and counselors.

Dates of Project: July 5-9, 2010

Number of People Involved: 24 female (age 10-16), 24 male (age 10-16)
Counselors: 2 female (age 17 and 19), 2 male (age 18)
Volunteers: 7 female, 3 male


Item Number Unit Price Cost
Camp T-shirts 50 1.000 CFA 50.000 CFA
Total Cost 50.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: This was a group that didn’t get to benefit from the Kate Puzey Fund, because they already had a SPA grant going. I am pleased that they are working with boys and girls. Recommend funding. (Note: because GSP fronted the money for Kate Fund, she has a check already from GAD. I propose that she cash it, and we’ll just count it as a GSP instead of Kate Fund. Let me know if this is confusing).

GAD Finance: I am confused. So the PCV does have a check for 50.000F already? Does that mean she decided not to use the Kate Puzey Fund for this project and said she would submit a GSP instead? It would have been nice to see a more detailed camp schedule attached to the application. Recommend funding.

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