PCV 6 February 2010

Brief Project Description:

This project is in regards to the creation of a school mural to be executed at a local high school with a specific emphasis on environmental awareness. The design will include basis environmental elements similar to the design found on the front of Le Guide à l’Education Environnementale, such as: the earth (there will be a special focus on the continent of Africa with Bénin highlighted), corn crops, apiculture, the sun, plants, rain, and animals (elephant only). There will be a slogan highlighted below, “Protéger Notre Environnement,” as well as the Peace Corps logo and the name of the environment club (EPD). The 32 students of the environment club will be the primary participants in the creation of the mural alongside 2 teacher supervisors and 1 local painter within the community. Several Peace Corps volunteers have been invited to help in the creation of the school mural as well.

With the creation of this mural, our goal is to bring environmental awareness to the forefront of the Bénin education system as it will serve as a daily reminder of the interconnectedness of the environment and its direct impact on our daily lives.

Dates of Project: March 19-21
Number of People Involved:

- There are 32 club members who will be participating in the fabrication of the environmental mural. Out of these 32 participants, 13 are female ranging in age from 16-19 and 19 are male ranging in age from 15-19. Certain individuals will be involved in the tracing of the design while others will be involved in the actual painting of the mural.
- I and as many as 6 other Peace Corps volunteers have been invited to share in the creation of the school mural.
- Two school administrators (the Censure and the Surveillant - the club supervisor) will participate in the creation and supervising of the mural project as well.
- A local artist has also agreed to help in the creation of the mural (free of charge).
- The people impacted by this mural will be all the current students at the school as well as the generations to come. We hope that with the creation of this mural, we can help to raise environmental awareness not only in the school community but in the larger community as well.


Item Number Cost
Small paint brushes 3 4.500 CFA
Medium paint brushes 3 6.000 CFA
Large paint brushes 3 6.000 CFA
Small Tuitorex blue paint tube 1 3.000 CFA
Small Tuitorex red paint tube 1 3.500 CFA
Small Tuitorex yellow paint tube 1 3.500 CFA
Small Tuitorex black paint tube 1 3.000 CFA
Medium can white paint – 1 kg 1 3.750 CFA
Large paint can white paint – 4 kg 1 12.500 CFA
Paint trays (for mixing colors) 2 1.000 CFA
1 meter of sandpaper 1 500 CFA
Tank of gas (2 liter) 1 800 CFA
Total Cost 48.050 CFA

Amount Requested: 48.050 CFA


GAD Coordinator: Sounds like a fun project – glad to see so many mural projects recently. There is a lot of franglais in here and not everything is well explained (I don’t know what the environmental education guide cover looks like, for example) but overall the project seems well thought out. I recommend funding.
GAD Finance: I agree, Liz. Also, she should think about how she is going to manage all 32 kids when doing the mural since only a limited number of them can actually work on the mural at one time. Recommend funding.
GAD Specialist: I agree with both your comments. As soon as better clarification/language is given, the project should be funded.

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