PCV 6 April 2010

Brief Project Description:
A World Map mural will be painted on the outdoor wall of the primary school to teach people what the world looks like. The school’s director endorsed the Peace Corps Volunteers proposal and gave his permission to paint on the building. This project will begin on May 20, and the outline of the countries on the map will be drawn by five Peace Corps Volunteers. The map itself will then be painted by the oldest class at the Primary School. There are 45 kids, ages approximately 11-13, in this class. About 20 of them are girls and about 25 are boys. They will do the actual painting of the mural. They will get to do a fun activity that will teach them about the world outside of Benin.

The country names will be written on by students chosen by their teacher for their good behavior and handwriting proficiency. The names will be added after the entire map has dried.

Funds are requested to purchase enamel paints, paintbrushes, buckets, and lunch on the main day of the painting:

Students will work after school on Thursday and Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday of the same week, with the help of the PCVs, to complete the painting. The project will hopefully finish on Sunday, and then a dedication will be held on Monday morning before school begins. In addition to promoting student empowerment through planning and execution of this project, this painting will be an available educational tool for teachers, students and villagers alike. There are about 300 students total who attend the Primary School, with about 120 girls and 180 boys. All of these students, as well as all the residents, will benefit from access to a world map that can show them a real picture of the whole world and allow them to conceptualize other countries.

Dates of Project: If I receive the GAD grant at the beginning of May, then the project is planned to take place beginning on Thursday May 20, 2010.
Number of People Involved:
Male School Director: Overseeing the project
Girls: 20, Boys: 25, who will paint the countries on the mural
Girls: 120, Boys 180, who will have geography lessons based on the map
Women: 1000, Men: 1000, exposed to a world map in their village
Volunteers: 5, spending time in a village and engaging with students painting and villagers observing.

Item Number Unit Price Cost
Buckets for Mixing Paint 4 200 CFA 800 CFA
Large container of white enamel paint 1 7.000C FA 7.000 CFA
Large container of black enamel paint 1 7.000 CFA 7.000 CFA
Medium container of brown enamel paint 1 3.000 CFA 3.000 CFA
Large container of blue enamel paint 1 7.000 CFA 7.000 CFA
Medium container of green enamel paint 1 3.000 CFA 3.000 CFA
Large container of yellow enamel paint 1 7.000 CFA 7.000 CFA
Large container of red enamel paint 1 7.000 CFA 7.000 CFA
Number 4 paintbrush 8 500 CFA 4.000 CFA
Number 2 paintbrush 2 400 CFA 800 CFA
Thin paintbrush 2 400 CFA 800 CFA
Rice Lunch for Painters and Volunteers 50 50 CFA 2.500 CFA
Total Cost 49.900 CFA

Amount Requested: 49.900 CFA


GAD Coordinator: Yay for world maps. How are they going to handle 45 kids painting considering they can’t all paint at once? Recommend planning a geography or painting lesson or some concurrent activity to occupy the non-painters. Recommend funding.
GAD Finance: Again, I would like to suggest painting clear varnish over the completed map to protect it. This is a minor detail, but the age breakdown of the people involved should be included in the proper section of the application. Also, I do not know if the primary school students should write the country names using paint even if they normally have nice handwriting. This is hard for even us. Perhaps they could practice writing using paint beforehand? Recommend funding.

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