PCV 5 April 2010

Brief Project Description:
A moringa plantation will be planted at the CPS. The moringa will be sustainably cut and transformed into a powder. The powder will be distributed to the eleven women's groups that are interested in helping with the growth, maintenance, and transformation of the plants. Each group contains between fifteen to twenty women. All the women will be sensibilized on the techniques and benefits of cooking with moringa. The growth and transformation of the moringa into a powder will be done by members of these groups. A portion of the powder profits will also be given to a group of SIDA-positive adults that are searching for alternative medicines to boast their immune systems. They will also be using water from the well to grow Spiruline and other herbal remedies.

The funding requested will be used to dig a well and to buy a watering can. There is no accessible water source near the CPS, therefore a well is needed to begin cultivation. It costs 10.000 CFA to find the nappe, and 5.000 for each metre of digging. The depth of the well depends entirely on location.

I am focusing this project on females in the community, specifically members of these groups, because I believe that by targeting females, I will be able to reach a much broader and more diverse community. These women will begin cooking with moringa, and therefore feeding it to their spouses, children, and kin.

Dates of Project: ASAP. As soon as I receive the check, I will tell the digging crew to begin work.
Number of People Involved:
Director of CPS: Overseeing Project
President of SIDA association: Growing, maintaining and transforming moringa into powder
11 women's groups of 15 to 20 women each: Growing, maintaining, and transforming moringa into powder
Families of all of the women in the groups: Benefiting from an enriched diet
PCV: Sensibilizing the groups on how to sustainably transform and cook with moringa

Item Number Unit Price Cost
Finding the nappe 1 10.000 CFA 10.000 CFA
Digging the well 1 meter 5.000 CFA 25.000-35.000 CFA
Watering cans 1 5.000 CFA 5.000 CFA
Total Cost 50.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: Great idea but need more information. What is the gender breakdown of the project organizers and the SIDA group. What is a “nappe”? Does it really only cost 50.000 cfa to dig a well? Will they cover the well to prevent mosquitos from breeding? Who came up with the project? How did they decide to get the SIDA group involved? How did they identify the women’s groups? What if they figured out the water level first and then submitted the proposal (and ask the mayor or the CPS to pay for the initial exploration as a community contribution). Tempted to ask to resubmit…what are your thoughts?
GAD Finance: I agree, I would prefer a more detailed project description. To add to Liz’s questions: After digging the hole for the well, who will finish the rest of the work to make it a functional well? The age breakdown of people involved should also be included.

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