PCV 4 April 2010

Brief Project Description:
The project is the printing and wearing of T-shirts by my girl’s club.

T-shirts that have been designed by my girl’s club will be printed and worn at club meetings and in the village and will also be worn during the Journée Cultural at the end of the year while girl’s perform skits and compete in a girl’s soccer match.

The T-shirts will greatly increase the confidence and unity of the girl’s club. It will improve their self confidence and raise their validity as an organization at the school. The T-shirts will be especially effective when the girls wear them during their service activities (mud stove building, moringa planting, and mural painting) and during the Journée Cultural and other events like the soccer match.

The T-shirts also have the International Women’s Day slogan on the back in French so not only will the girls gain confidence and credibility by wearing them, but they’ll also be promoting girl’s education and women’s rights within the entire community. These T-shirts will not only affect the girls, but they’ll affect the entire community.

Dates of Project: The T-shirts will continue to have a role within the community for years to come. As long as the girl’s wear them, the more confident they will be.
Number of People Involved: 50 girls involved in the girl’s club. Other T-shirts will be bought by other teachers and me at full price.

Item Number Unit Price Cost
T-shirts 50 1.500 CFA 75.000 CFA
Total Cost 75.000 CFA

*Requesting 1.000 CFA per T-shirt

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: Where is the additional 500 cfa per t-shirt coming from? Good project, recommend funding when questions answered.
GAD Finance: Also, what is the age breakdown of the girls in the club? Recommend funding.

Closing Report

Brief Project Description:
To provide t-shirts to the girls of CEG Challa-Ogoyi

Dates of Project:
Number of People Involved: 50 girls between the ages of 11 and 18 years old.

Goals of Project:
The goals were to encourage the girls of CEG Challa-Ogoyi in their girl’s club activities and especially at school functions. The girls will wear the t-shirts while playing soccer at the Journees Cultural this year as well. The t-shirts were also a way for to start conversations about gender relations and equality as the slogan of, “equal rights, equal opportunities, progress for all” was written on the back.

The self esteem and confidence of the girls was definitely raised and many enlightening conversations about the slogan on the back, (the same as International Women’s Day slogan,) definitely served to accomplish many of the goals and spark debate and ideas in the community. The girl’s from the club became recognized and the club became more visible in the community gaining more respect from elders as well.

Strengths of Project:
The strength of this project was that the girl’s were the ones who designed the t-shirts and really took ownership of them. It really unified the club as well as made the girl’s who were wearing the t-shirts think about what equal rights and equal opportunities meant for them and why they were in the club to begin with. All of the t-shirts were claimed almost immediately and since then club member participation and consistent attendance have spiked dramatically.

Challenges of Project:
One of the challenges was that there were not enough t-shirts for all of the girls in the school who wanted to buy one and that many other community members were interested in buying the t-shirts as well to support the club but did not want to pre-pay 1500CFA to ensure another batch of t-shirts.


Item Number Cost
Girl’s Club T-Shirts 50 75.000 CFA
(girl’s paid 500 per shirt) GAD Cost: 50.000 CFA
Total Cost 50.000 CFA
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