Pcv 4 Thompson June 2011

Activity Report

Date(s) of Project: June 1st 2011 – June 13th 2011

Brief Description of Project:

The GAD money that I requested was used to purchase t-shirts for a boys basketball/development camp in Natitingou. The participants of the camp were empowered to become moral leaders in their communities. Because of the camp, the participants are now more imaginative, invested community members, fully informed of their roles in HIV/AIDS awareness and malaria prevention. During the camp, they learned their roles in aiding the development of the commune of Natitingou.

The participants were also shown different methods of transmitting the information presented in camp. They were taught the qualities of effective presentation, and the importance of communication. On the final day of camp, they were each asked to organize support teams. These teams were charged with the task of conducting community workshops after the camp's conclusion. Of the three support teams, one group performed a community skit about corruption in public offices; another group made a presentation regarding malaria prevention; and the third group performed a workshop on the importance of protecting the environment.

Number of People Involved: A total of five adult males, one adult female, and twenty two teenage boys were involved directly in this project.

What Were the Goals/Objectives of This Project?

The primary goal of this project was each participant’s realization of their own capacity and ability to change the community around them. We planned workshops on HIV/AIDS, malaria, sexual education, and a male’s responsibility to the community and his family.

Were Those Goals/Objectives Met?

The community successfully reached the goal of this project. The Camp project engendered youth development and personal responsibility in the community. It was a massive success.

What Were the Strengths of This Project?

The main strength of this project was our ability to integrate developmental activities and ideas into the realm of sports. By choosing gifted students that were already interested in basketball, we created an instant community that refused to break throughout the duration of the camp and the planned community presentations.

What Were the Challenges/Weaknesses of This Project?

The only thing that I wish I had done differently is to have planned the camp to take place over an entire week, instead of just a few days.

Do You Consider This Project Completed:



Item Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost
T-shirts 30 1.000 30.000
Total 30.000

Total Requested: 30.000 CFA

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