PCV 4 March 2010

Brief Project Description:
International Women’s Day Panel Discussion for CEG Girls

All girls from the CEG were invited to an event to celebrate International Women’s Day. We held a panel discussion on three important issues that we felt could help them make better decision in their daily lives: health, education, and women’s rights. The invited panelists were the comptable of the CEG, the Sage Femme of the health center, HIV Prevention of Mother to Child (Prevention de la Transmission Mere Enfant du VIH) representative, and the local EMPOWER representative. Each of the speakers started with a short film from “Scenarios from Africa,” spoke for a few minutes, and then took questions. At the end of all the presentations, there was an open Q&A session that lasted about an hour.

Dates of Project: March 10, 2010
Number of People Involved:
Panelist: 4 Female panelists, aged over 30.
Audience: 250 school girls, aged 12-18
Coordinators: PCV A (32) and PCV B (30)

Item Number Cost
Bissap Juice 400 10.000 CFA
Biscuits (for panelists) 20 500 CFA
Banner* 1 5.000 CFA
Audio/Visual Rental 1 3.500 CFA
Meeting Room Rental 1 Community Contribution
Total Cost 19.000 CFA

*Date omitted; reusable for a similar event next year

Amount Requested: 19.000 CFA

The event was a success! All school girls from the CEG were invited; of 467 girls, 250 came to the event. There was a lot of enthusiasm and girls have continued to talk about the event since last week.

The event was held in the meeting room at the Mayor’s Office, which was donated by the Mayor for our use. Originally we chose this location because there was not a room at the CEG large enough for the number of girls that were expected. Some of the panelists thought that the distance from the CEG might harm attendance, but in the end this proved to be a good decision. Not only was it large enough to hold everyone comfortably, but it also gave us a closed space free from other distractions and interruptions. Other meeting space possibilities included the Chef d’Arrandosiment meeting area and Maison de Jeune.

We allowed a time of 4 hours for the event (2PM – 6PM), but did not get started until around 3:30 when the majority of girls arrived. We were worried this delay would impede the speaker’s presentations, but even with the delay there was an ample amount of time. We choose to hold the event on a Wednesday afternoon (even though the actual IWD was that Monday) as to allow the maximum number of girls to attend since there are not classes on Wednesday afternoon. This proved to be a good decision looking at the girl’s attendance.

To introduce each of the speaker’s presentations we showed some of the short films featured in the “Scenarios from Africa” collection. The three films that that presenters chose all addressed overlapping topics (HIV, STD’s, women’s empowerment, role models, staying in school, etc), which helped tie all of the speakers presentations together. The films were really well received by the girls and provoked a lot of questions and discussion. We would highly encourage using these videos to anyone that was thinking of doing a similar event. The DVD’s are available free of charge from the IRC library and are presented in various languages. To show the DVDs we were able to borrow a projector from the Mayor’s Office and there was already electricity in the room.

We also had a banner made for the event. If your budget can allow it this is a nice touch. It adds some color to the room and a feeling of importance. It also makes for good pictures! We had a friend make us this so we think we got a good discount. Otherwise, we’re not sure how much it would normally cost. On the banner we left out any dates or specific places so that it could be used for future events i.e. “Journée Internationale de la Femme.”


GAD Specialist: This is a reimbursement. Project is great. Shows community buy-in. The feedback is particularly interesting. The idea of keeping the banner (without any specific date) for future use is great. Recommend funding.
GAD Coordinator: Agreed – a well thought out and successful event. Where will the banner be stored. Also, avoid franglais in future apps. Recommend funding.
GAD Finance: It sounded like a great project! Recommend funding.

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