PCV 4 February 2010

Brief Project Description:

The primary purpose of the project is for the students of the environmental club at the local primary school to construct a trail sign and assemble field guides of environmental education value. The project will be conducted over 3 phases:

1. Excursions and Research
The students will go on 2 one-day excursions to the local watchtowers to observe the animals that can be seen there. The PCV will identify and describe the animals to the students and the students will keep note of them. During a session with the club, the PCV will also explain the defining characteristics of reptiles, birds, and mammals.

2. Design and Execution
a) Trail Sign: Due to the limited French knowledge of the students, the trail sign will be principally designed by both the PCV and an official park guide. The sign will be 1.5m x 1m, and it will be located at the fork where the road separates to the 2 watchtowers. It will explain briefly the defining characteristics of reptiles, birds, and mammals (in 1 sentence each), a quick note on their visibility (i.e. hard to see, easy to see, best seen at dawn and dusk), and a brief list of representative species that can be seen from the towers. The students, however, will be doing most of the painting and execution of the sign.
b) Field Guides: Because the field guides are more image-based, the students will be more involved in the designing process of the field guides than for the trail sign. They will draw the animals that will be featured, which are in turn based on what they have seen at the watchtowers. The PCV will also help the students look up and write out a brief description of the species. The PCV will then gather 20 drawings and descriptions and assemble them into 2 identical field guides. The field guides will also contain excerpts on biodiversity and environmental education session outlines from Peace Corps resource books.

3. Utilization for Future Sessions
In addition to conducting environmental education over the course of the project, both the trail sign and the field guides will be used in future sessions. The 2 field guides will be given to 2 teachers who can use the guides as material and guidelines for future excursions to the trail sign and watchtowers. To make sure the teachers are heading off to a good start, the PCV will help them design and implement one session each at the watchtowers. The trail sign can also be used by tourists, who would likely appreciate the students' efforts.

Dates of Project:

Excursions and Research: already done (December 2nd and 9th, 2009) with a refresher session in late March 2010
Design and Construction: April 14-18th, and 21st, 2010 (trial sign); April 28th and May 5th, 2010 (field guides)
Utilization for Education: last two weeks of May 2010

Number of People Involved:

22 primary school students (11 boys and 11 girls), 2 male primary school teachers, 1 male official park guides, and 2 PCVs (1 male and 1 female). The students, along with the PCVs, will be doing most of the research, design, and construction of the trail sign and field guides. The park guide will help with conducting the excursions and outlining the content of the trail sign. The teachers will be responsible for using the field guides to carry out future excursions, with the ultimate goal of doing the excursions without the guidance of the local PCV.


Item Number Cost
Sturdy Sign (1.5x1m) – basic structure that the students will paint on 1 40.000 CFA
Varnish – provides a protective coat to the finished product 1 7.000 CFA
Petrol (1 liter) – to wash the paint brushes 1 600 CFA
Bookbinding – for the 2 field guides 2 1.000 CFA
Total Cost 48.600 CFA

(paint, brushes, carpenter pencils, chalk, ruler, crayons, and colored pencils are already provided)

Amount Requested: 48.600 CFA


GAD Coordinator: A great project. My only questions: what is the sign going to be made out of and how will it be maintained? Also, if the education sessions will happen in May, will school even still be in session then? But, really creative and sounds like it will be fun for everyone involved. Recommend funding.
GAD Finance: This sounds like a well thought out project. I imagine the sign would be similar to the one at the entrance of Park Pendjari. He should remember to give the ages of the participants in the Activity Report. Recommend funding.
GAD Specialist: Great project. School will really not be over in may. He can still get students for the activity. Recommend funding.

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