PCV 3 May 2010

Brief Project Description:
World Map Project at the CEG. After noticing the lack of world geography knowledge among CEG students, I decided a world map would benefit the school as it’d be located in the main courtyard. 2 professors and 17 students helped with the project. Histo-geo profs plan to use it in their lessons since no other map is currently available.

Dates of Project: Wednesday May 12-Friday May 14
Number of People Involved:
3 PCVs
2 adult males
2 boys (16 years)
15 girls (13-17 years)
Boys and girls learned painting skills and improved geography. Long term effects are improved geography knowledge for 800 CEG students.


Item Number Cost
1 pot white oil paint 1 12.500 CFA
Paint brushes 3 large, 1 multipack 3.800 CFA
Paint tints 4 bottles 13.000 CFA
Total Cost 25.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 25.000 CFA

World maps are great fun and educational for all participants. For most students this was their first artistic experience with paint. I would recommend inviting only a few students (max 10) per day so they all have something to do.


GAD Coordinator: Yay world maps. I have not received receipts from Katie. Once those are received, recommend funding.
GAD Finance: World maps are always such fun projects! Recommend funding once receipts are turned in.

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