PCV 3 April 2010

Brief Project Description:
Peace Corps Volunteers have given to me any left over or all or their screening. Recently at CPS we had 3-4 trees cut down and I was told I may use the wood for screening hospital windows and or doors. The wood from the trees has been rated poor quality – actually only good for burning. Wood is very costly and we are hoping to get the best deal right now it will cost 40mille cfa and the carpenter will need 10mille cfa for his cost. I am hoping to need less cfa. Also a small sign naming Peace Corps - noticeable to the public eye should be attached to a window of the hospital.

Dates of Project: April 2010 the carpenter will work and donate some labor and time during April and May.
Number of People Involved: 1 Peace Corp Member, the carpenter, and language interpretation from a ONG worker also a women who works at CPS.

Item Cost
Wood for window frames 40.000 CFA
Carpenter 10.000 CFA
Screening 0 CFA
Total Cost 50.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA

Additional Information:
When I first came to my Post I hung around the Doctor asking questions, about the hospital, deliveries, diseases etc. He stated Malaria is a big problem in because of increased birth rate and infants are very prone to malaria and fevers. He remarked I can't even get screens for the hospital. I did not do anything till 2010 I thought if I had left over screening maybe other volunteers would, I got a big response - many volunteers houses where already covered. At one time I asked an engineer grad. how much do you think it would cost to cover the hospital windows and he came up too incredibly high. So I thought spa would not cover it. So I just asked around if any one would be interested in screening the windows everyone at the hospital all advised me only a carpenter knows for sure. Recently at Centre Promotion Social a wall enclosure was built and many trees where cut down. I asked for the wood-thinking I could get a carpenter and he could get the trunks to the saw to make frames for the window-screens. A friend knew a carpenter who would work for a discount but the tree trunks where poor quality not usable. We tried to get the wood dealer to give us a deal. Wood is very expensive but he did not give much of a discount.This past week I have used the Pyout for teaching Malaria signs and symptoms and prevention, I have a demonstration M.net, grillage, posters, kaki paper listing symptoms of Malaria etc.the idea was to talk to prenatal mamans about Malaria and prevention plus with proper carne de sante the hospital donates a free M.Net with the final measles vaccination when the child is 9 months old.Last week was vacation for CEG so I located one of the Camp Glow students from last year, I could not locate the other Camp student. Another student, also helped one day. So the girls where not overwhelmed with crowds of people only Mamans for prenatale appts. and other people visiting the hospital walking by the Pyout curious to what was going on. The girls greeted people then talked about mosquitos breeding in water and the rain season, malaria and best prevention M.nets and screens. The cost went up for wood and materials as there are 16 large windows and 29 petite windows. So your consideration and advice would be greatly appreciated in this grant.


GAD Coordinator: A very interesting idea. I find the way it’s written to be very confusing and I would like to know approximately how many beds are in the hospital (to estimate how many people would benefit). I’m also not clear – was she ultimately able to get the wood? Recommend funding if she clarifies.
GAD Finance: I agree, Liz. Also, if it is the carpenter who is purchasing the wood, then shouldn’t the carpenter charge one fee (for the wood and his labor)? For example, when you ask a carpenter to build a bookshelf, he will quote the price to include parts and labor. The budget lists these two items separately. Also, what is the age breakdown of the people involved in the project? Recommend funding once questions are answered.

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