PCV 2 May 2010

Brief Project Description:
For the last few months, I’ve been giving didactic lectures at the high school (CEG) in my community on a variety of health topics including HIV/AIDS, malaria, and diarrhea/hygiene. While I would like to believe that everyone will remember exactly what I’ve taught them, I know that this is unrealistic. Often times it’s difficult giving lessons to a classroom of 50 or more students, and not everyone may have been receptive to what I said the first time around. Thus, to reinforce what I’ve taught, I would like to paint a mural at the CEG in my village with health related images and catchy slogans from my lessons.

Dates of Project: July 5-9, 2010
Number of People Involved:
Ten students and one volunteer will assist me with this project. The students will be chosen by the director of the CEG based on interest and academic performance. One male and one female will be chosen from each grade level. They will range from 13-17 years old. We will spend several days decorating a gazebo at the school. We will split up into male/female pairs, and each pair will paint a different section of the gazebo that will be focused on a different health topic. Although only a few number of students will help design the mural, everyone at the CEG will benefit from it once it’s finished, as it will be there for everybody to see. It will serve as a lasting reminder about the importance of using condoms, sleeping underneath a mosquito net, and washing hands regularly with soap and water.


Item Number Unit Price Cost
Paint in various colors 5 cans 7.500 CFA 37.500 CFA
Paint brushes of assorted sizes (package of 10 brushes) 2 1.250 CFA 1.250 CFA
Total Cost 40.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 40.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: A good project. I like that the pairs of students will be responsible for a section of the wall – that gives them some ownership. Recommend doing a mini sensibilisation before the painting, or have each pair lead a discussion on their topic after they are done painting to reinforce the knowledge learned. Recommend funding.
GAD Finance: I agree with Liz. Also, instead of the CEG director choosing the students, could Louis select students who have retained the information he presented at his lectures. He could ask students to take a short quiz or write an essay to test their knowledge on the different topics covered. This will reward the students who paid attention and motivate the other students to pay attention next time. Recommend funding.

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