PCV 2 March 2010

Brief Project Description:
In conjunction with the hygiene agents at my local health center, I would like to install handwashing stations at three primary schools in the commune. These three schools would be pilot projects for a larger handwashing campaign we are proposing for the 2010-2011 school year. Each school will receive a handwashing station composed of two plastic bins and a metal support, an education session led by our hygiene agents, and a “boîte à image” demonstrating proper hygiene. The latter will be donated by Population Services International. By implementing handwashing stations at three schools first, we will be able to monitor the usage and upkeep of the stations as well as the effectiveness of the education session in order to determine how best to implement handwashing stations in the future. Follow-up will be performed at each school to determine if one station per school is sufficient and to obtain feedback from students and staff on what aspects of the project were successful and if there are any suggestions for improvement. The three pilot schools, chosen based on greatest lack of resources by the hygiene agents.

Dates of Project: May 17-21, 2010
Number of People Involved: The male and female hygiene agents of my health center will lead the education session coinciding with the implementation of each handwashing station. The hygiene committees already in place in each school (composed of the school director, one teacher, and nine students) will be charged with maintenance of the stations, including filling and emptying plastic bins with water and replacing the soap, as well as continued encouragement of proper and regular handwashing by the student population. The age range for students in primary school is generally five to thirteen years old. Primary School A has 117 female students and 144 male students (261 students in total). Primary School B has 104 female students and 180 male students (284 students in total). Primary School C has 107 female students and 165 male students (272 students in total). The expectation is that at least 75% of students will be present for the education session and that the handwashing station will be available for use by 100% of the student population at each school.


Item Number Unit Price Cost
Metal support 3 5.500 CFA 16.500 CFA
Plastic bins (2 per station) 6 1.000 CFA 6.000 CFA
Spigot 3 2.500 CFA 7.500 CFA
Installation of spigot 3 2.000 CFA 6.000 CFA
Soap (2 large bags per school) 6 250 CFA 1.500 CFA
Hygiene “boîte à image” 3 Donated
Transport to Primary School C (2 motos x 2 visits) 4 500 CFA 2.000 CFA
Transport to Primary School B (2 motos x 2 visits) 4 300 CFA 1.200 CFA
Transport to Primary School A (2 motos x 2 visits) 4 200 CFA 800 CFA
Transport to/from Cotonou for the purchase of supplies 1 person 3.000 CFA 3.000 CFA
Total Cost 44.500 CFA

Amount Requested: 44.500 CFA


GAD Specialist: Another very good project. The sustainability element is very well presented. Great participation of HCNs. Let us hope that other villages/PCVs will follow suit (this is old English meaning to borrow a leaf from someone). Recommend funding.
GAD Coordinator: Agreed, recommend funding
GAD Finance: Recommend funding.

Closing Report

Brief Project Description: Installation of handwashing stations and education sessions on the importance of hygiene at three primary schools within the commune.

Dates of Project: April 18-21, 2010
Number of People Involved: This project was done in conjunction with the male and female hygiene agents of my local health center. At each school the majority of students enrolled were present. Several boys and several girls from each school and grade level gave demonstrations on how to wash one’s hands. EPP A has 117 female students and 144 male students (261 students in total). EPP B has 104 female students and 180 male students (284 students in total). EPP C has 107 female students and 165 male students (272 students in total).

Goals of Project:
The goals of this project were to provide students with a way to attain proper hygiene at school and to educate them of the importance of good hygiene, including when and how to properly wash one’s hands, both at school and at home.

To the best of my knowledge, these goals were met. I will be following up with each school over the next couple months to ensure that the stations are used and the water and soap refilled.

Strengths of Project:
There were several strengths of this project:
- There was truly a community need, evident in the fact that several school directors and staff had approached me about the need for handwashing stations prior to conception of the project.
- The hygiene representatives from my local health center were involved in this project from the beginning stages and seem eager to continue.
- PSI donated “boites à images” that greatly aided in the education sessions.
- Turns out it’s not difficult to get kids excited about washing their hands! Every single student wanted to demonstrate the proper way to wash their hands for their classmates.

Challenges of Project:
One potential weakness is that one handwashing station per school may not suffice at noon when all students are released for their lunch break; however other than that one is sufficient, so I’m hoping that classes naturally stagger the time at which they let their students out for lunch. Another weakness, or rather, something I would do differently in the future in order to strengthen similar projects would be to invite participation by the Associations of Parents of Students. Also, in the future I would include hygiene education sessions for the women who prepare food at the schools. This happened impromptu at one school but as the other two sessions were held in the afternoon the food vendors had already left.


Item Number Unit Price Cost
Metal supports 3 6.000 CFA 18.000 CFA
Plastic buckets 3 1.500 CFA 4.500 CFA
Plastic soap holders 3 150 CFA 450 CFA
Powdered soap 9 100 CFA 900 CFA
Writing on plastic bins 6 1.000 CFA 6.000 CFA
Plastic bins 3 500 CFA 1.500 CFA
Spigots 3 2.300 CFA 6.900 CFA
Screws for spigots 3 400 CFA 1.200 CFA
Cutting of plastic bins 3 100 CFA 300 CFA
Glue for spigots 1 2.000 CFA 2.000 CFA
Roundtrip transport village to Cotonou 1 2.000 CFA 2.000 CFA
Labor-attaching spigots 3 400 CFA 1.200 CFA
Total Cost 44.950 CFA
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